April 26, 2019

Backyard Safety Tips for Your Massapequa, NY, Landscape

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With the imminent arrival of summer comes primetime for outdoor fun. This transition to warmer weather provides an opportune time to evaluate the safety level of your backyard. It’s incumbent upon every homeowner to ensure safe enjoyment of the landscape. Consider these backyard safety tips for your Massapequa, NY, outdoor living space.

Maintain Your Property

The upkeep of your property is item #1 on any safety list, as it should be. Overgrown lawns tend to draw mosquitos, hide hazards, and indicate to burglars that homeowners are lax about how they care about and secure their property. Overgrowth can lead to trips and falls, while also attracting pests. Conversely, a well-manicured lawn, regularly trimmed shrubs, and thriving planting beds are visually enjoyable and keep unwanted problems at bay. A landscaping plan can include shedding any low-hanging branches into which a person could walk as well as those that could provide passage to a potential thief via a window.

Illuminate the Landscape

A well-lit landscape is a valuable asset. If you can’t see where to put your next step, you are more likely to fall. Today’s landscape lighting options give homeowners extra time to enjoy their landscape at any hour while also deterring anyone from entering the property who doesn’t belong.

Use Non-Slip Pavers

Non-slip pavers may be an obvious choice for the pool patio, but their use could extend to any type of patio for addressing safety concerns. A spilled drink or children playing with water guns should not equate to an automatic fall—non-slip pavers minimize the risk involved with everyday spills.

Be Aware of Certain Types of Plantings

There is a risk that the children and pets on your property may eat your plants. This simple truth can mean real danger if you have toxic plantings within reach of these small creatures. As part of your safety plan, you can ask your landscaper to check over your property for any toxic plantings and remove them if present.

Direct Movement Within the Landscape

Accidents are less likely to happen if pedestrians have a clear sense of where to go within your landscape. Provide well-maintained walkways and plenty of light so that the way is clear for family members and guests alike.

Take Note and Remediate Tripping Hazards

As part of your landscape-safety inspection, all tripping hazards need to be noticed and resolved. Visible tree roots, children’s toys, and loose old pavers are just a few of the issues that you should have on your short list.

Consider the Ground Material in Play Areas

Play areas are of prime concern relative to safety of the landscape. In addition to making sure that all play equipment is in good shape, give consideration to whether what’s underfoot provides a soft landing if a fall were to occur.

Install Quality Pool Security

A pool could be the main source of preventable accidents within your landscape. Take your responsibility as a homeowner seriously and outfit your pool with a cover, gate, and perhaps even an alarm to make sure that your pool is safe.

Schedule Regular Pest Control

As summer arrives, head off the repopulation of ants, mosquitos, and ticks. With regular pest control, you’ll keep the pests in check and your family healthy.


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