April 18, 2018

Beautiful Waterfall Designs for Your Backyard in Bethpage, NY

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Waterfalls bring life to any suburban backyard. The cascading water creates movement and an ever-changing symphony of sounds. They can be constructed using sleek, modern materials or crafted from an arrangement of boulders for a more natural look. While ponds are usually punctuated by a pond, pondless waterfalls are an option for Bethpage, NY, homeowners with limited space and a desire for something different. These waterfalls usually have a permeable layer of gravel and decorative stones at their base.

A contemporary wall integrated waterfall

An understated waterfall, nestled into the face of a retaining wall, grill island or outdoor bar, is an excellent addition to any contemporary patio. A single stream of glistening water emerging from a modern wall can have a stunning, sleek appearance. These waterfalls also tend to bear minimalistic features that pair perfectly with modern outdoor designs. As an added bonus, a wall waterfall never fails to accentuate and enliven the structure into which it is built.

An organic asian-inspired waterfall

Consider creating a natural waterfall that empties into a serene koi pond. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the sounds created will help to drown out any noise pollution and make you feel completely secluded in your landscape. This type of waterfall is, therefore, an ideal feature for a quiet, reflective space set aside for reading or meditation. Asian-inspired landscapes typically showcase plenty of wood and plants, so consider adding a wooden pergola or small deck over your pond, surrounded with lush vegetation. Including koi fish will not only anchor your aesthetic theme, but will also serve as a captivating attraction and will fill your landscape with life.

Lighting up a waterfall

Consider making your waterfall appear more dramatic by incorporating strategic lighting into its design. An underwater light hidden in the pond, for example, can create an eerie glow at the base of the waterfall. Lights can, alternatively, be nestled behind the falling stream, causing it to shimmer and glisten.

A poolside waterfall

Consider having a waterfall integrated into the design of your pool. By connecting a the mechanism to your pool’s circulating system, your contractor can ensure a steady stream of water that creates pleasant white noise and ripples on the surface of your pool. Having your poolside waterfall constructed from large, unrefined units of natural stone can transform your pool into something resembling a naturally-formed pond. As an added benefit, the cascading water will help to circulate and aerates the water in your pool, helping to prevent stagnation and the growth of algae.

A versatile stone waterfall

Stacked stone water features are unparalleled in versatility. They bear all the rugged textures and imperfections of a rustic design, but are elegant enough to fit perfectly into more modern settings. The entire feature can be constructed using natural stone or veneered concrete. The stone used to construct waterfalls can also be cut precisely and selected in stunning dark shades to make them more compatible with contemporary designs. Consider having a sleek stone waterfall enhanced with chic lighting in geometric formations.


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