September 23, 2018

Best Outdoor Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs for Small Yards in Massapequa, NY

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The size of your yard does not have to determine the type of features it can hold. Allow an outdoor fireplace to bring your small Massapequa, NY, yard to life by adding a new level of character, charming appeal, and a wonderful place to entertain friends and family. Outdoor fire features are not one-size-fits all; there are many possibilities for incorporating a well-crafted, gorgeous outdoor fireplace into your landscape, even if you’re working with limited space.

Of course, with the space constraints of a small yard, some fireplace designs will work better than others. Consider these size-appropriate suggestions to properly make the most of your yard and give it a more homey feel.

Custom Outdoor Fireplace Plans

With the freedom and flexibility that a custom plan provides, experienced members of our team can transform your vision into an outdoor fireplace that will fit into your small yard in the best way possible. With custom designs, you have the flexibility to choose the shape, size, color, and materials of your outdoor fireplace to ensure that it corresponds with the overall look of your landscape as well as your personal preferences.

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Because the size of your yard can have a large impact on the landscape features you choose, we highly recommend considering a custom plan so that your fireplace won’t seem overbearing or too small in your landscape—but just right. Consider how you will use your new fire feature, whether it will be mostly for looks only and occasionally get-togethers or whether (most likely) it will become an oft-used feature of your landscape that is inviting to neighbors and friends and leads to many memorable, warm evenings.

Fire Pit Rings

Adding a fire pit ring is an excellent way to draw attention to an outdoor fireplace while still refraining from adding a feature that is too large and overtakes your yard. Fire pit rings are wonderfully proportioned for smaller yards and can be located wherever your landscape layout suits it best, whether that be in the center of your yard or off to the corner.

Because of their round shape, they’re a great option for entertaining guests. Fire pit rings can be a great feature to display masonry designs of beautiful brick or high-quality natural stone as well.

Fire Pit Tables

Fire pit tables are another smart outdoor fireplace option for smaller yards because they’re multifunctional. Not only can they display exquisite masonry designs and provide a cozy fire for friends and family, but they can also serve as an attractive spot to gather around. They conserve space and remove the need for additional pieces of furniture by giving your guests surface to place their drinks or s’mores sticks.

Integrating a Fire Pit with an Outdoor Kitchen

Have you ever considered incorporating an outdoor fireplace into a new or existing outdoor kitchen? Doubling up with these two features can be a great option for a smaller yard. Luckily, the design of an outdoor kitchen can be as lavish or conservative as you prefer.

Tacking on a fireplace is not only a smart way to utilize the area you’re working with, but it also means you don’t have to sacrifice having one landscape feature for another. Outdoor kitchens are already a natural focal point for any yard that has one—why not enhance it with an outdoor fireplace?


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