November 12, 2021

Buying, Installing, and Maintaining a Gas Fire Pit

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The increasingly popular and versatile gas fire pit is distinct from a traditional wood-burning or propane style. However, buying and installing the right gas fire pit requires guidance and knowledge about the product itself, safety precautions against toxic fumes, and common maintenance problems like corrosion.

With proper attention to these factors and an eye for aesthetics, buying and maintaining a gas fire pit can become easy and even fun!

Where to Put Your Natural Gas Fire Pit

The first and most important concern about buying a natural gas fire pit is where you will locate it and how far away from the house or other structures. This consideration relates closely to your preferences about table height. But also includes checking local codes and regulations.

Buying an outdoor propane fire pit may become a better option than one that uses natural gas. That is when you want your gas fire pit as portable and can fit inside during colder months. Also, check that vents for natural gas are present in your yard before getting a new unit.

Should You Check British Thermal Units (BTU)

A BTU (British Thermal Unit) is a standard unit of energy. Buying the right BTU capacity becomes essential when buying your propane fire pit. The temperature that it can reach becomes an important factor for having fun but safe outdoor activities at night! Make sure you know the difference between actual BTUs and maximum BTUs which many companies promote.

The most important thing to know about a BTU is that the quantity of heat needed for one pound of liquid water is at 39 degrees Fahrenheit. A lot can happen about this measurement. This is whether you are trying to make coffee, melt ice cream on top of your breakfast sandwich or boil an eggplant.

Do You Need to Cover Your Fire Pit

You need to think about buying a fire pit cover before having your gas fire pit. This becomes especially true when you live in a colder climate. Do not lose combustion or put yourself at risk of burns and other injuries.

A simple cover can prevent much damage including algae growth, weathering, ice accumulation, rust formation, or corrosion problems. The best option is buying one designed for its purpose. This is rather than buying lots of expensive equipment every time it rains.

Choosing a quality gas fire pit cover can extend the life of your outdoor barbecue and ensure long-lasting durability. From light vinyl covers to heavier metal options, there is a wide selection of high-quality products for all types of styles that you might be looking into getting!

What are The Safety Reminders for

A gas fire pit is an effortless way to add warmth and ambiance to your outdoor entertaining area! However, buying one requires that you consider safety precautions against toxic fumes like carbon monoxide poisoning. This deadly byproduct occurs when insufficient ventilation goes unnoticed or improperly ventilated.

Never locate your outdoor propane fire pit where it can release hazardous levels of this colorless and odorless gas inside your house! Most experts recommend buying a gas detector with adjustable sensitivity settings. A high-quality unit should come equipped with low battery alerts. So you never experience the inconvenience of power interruption when it matters most.

Fire Pit Size and Fuel Type

Know about natural gas for your fire pit.

Natural Gas:

  • A 40,000 BTU unit will burn for three hours and 30 minutes at 70 psi and one hour at 120 psi
  • Natural gas (NG) is more efficient than propane (LP) or butane
  • It provides high output with less cost and the least weight per BTU
  • It requires less energy to control the temperature
  • It is harder to store at home for outdoor use. NG is heavier than air and pools in low areas as compared to propane. This becomes dangerous when combined with high heat that can cause an explosion or fire!

Fire Pit Materials

Your search for fire pit materials comes in five types. Familiarize with them below:

Concrete Blocks:

This is a traditional way to build a fire pit. The blocks provide a stable base and you can secure it with mortar, sand, or clay. A concrete block becomes a simple to clean and elegant option for buying your propane fire pit. Keep in mind that it will need occasional sealing to prevent staining from soot and charring.

Choose this very sturdy solution with a conventional design. However, buying a fire pit made of concrete can become costly and the labor involved makes it one of the most expensive options. It is bulky and hard to move once finished, making this an unfriendly choice for your backyard.

Standard Brick Paver and Fire Brick

Using brick pavers in your design is a classic method. It allows for easy building and buying a gas fire pit becomes simple with the help of a pre-fabricated pad to support it. You can buy natural or propane-fueled units when buying this material.

Standard bricks are strong, sturdy, and long-lasting options for getting a fire pit. They provide effortless installation once mortar, sand, clay, or other required materials create it.

However, bricks come in many colors and buying one to match your outdoor décor might become difficult. That is when you want consistency without any noticeable variation between them all.

Heating raw materials like coal or plant matter at very high temperatures produce fire brick. They endure regular heating from fire pits making them a durable choice that should last for decades.

Stone Material

Using natural stone to build your gas fire pit is a classic and elegant touch. However, buying one in standard shapes can become expensive, and choosing irregular pieces with custom designs might not match the remainder of your patio construction.

Stone materials are strong options that include granite, limestone, sandstone, or travertine for buying a propane fireplace. They offer durability and last for decades when properly maintained.

You should seal the stone after purchasing to protect it from weather, high heat, and soot. Look for products that range in price according to the manufacturer. Buy online or at a store near you.

Unilock and Nicolock

This fire pit buying, installing, and maintaining material is a paver that comes pre-fabricated for your convenience. It includes color, texture, and shape options engineered to fit together with ease.

Unilock and nicolock are strong alternatives to buying a gas fireplace. They include similar benefits of brick pavers such as offering several colors and designs in one buying package. However, they cost more than masonry materials. But less than purchasing natural stone units of different shapes and sizes.

Techno Bloc Valencia

Techno bloc fire pits provide more customization than buying unilock or nicolock options. It allows for buying the size of your choice with limited color options. However, it can become expensive, and they require constant cleaning to prevent staining from soot and charring. The modern variation such as techno bloc fire pits is for building a propane fireplace.

The Valencia fire pit will bring you warmth on those cold evenings and fall afternoons. See the circular design is perfect for gathering around! It warms your heart with its flame-warmed embers, kindled needlessly by roasting marshmallows over an open hearth in rustic landscapes or traditional designs. However, modern style demands more than just sitting idle so get out there!

Other Considerations

Your choice of a gas fire pit also includes two considerations. Here they are:


Get the proper permits and zoning for using it in your neighborhood before buying a gas fireplace. You might also need special licenses included when purchasing one online or from a store for safety reasons.

You should call the fire department or local authority in areas without a burn permit. Otherwise, get one as needed because the law requires it. Prevent any unwanted incidents like fires due to negligence and accidents with other objects near your house. Examples are trees that may fall on them during strong winds. These could cause extensive damage not only in terms of the property but also human life.

Put a small pit at least 50 ft away from any structure. Homeowners living there will need an extra set aside. This is just for their backyard entertainment needs.

Installation Location

The second consideration is buying the proper fireplace for your needs. You should put it in a location that offers easy access to supplies such as propane tanks or natural gas connections.

Do not put it in an area where you could trip over fuel lines and water pipes when buying, installing, and maintaining a fire pit. Placing it too close to your home might cause structural damage due to excess heat exposure and stress from high temperatures.

These two considerations guide you when buying products for building a gas fire pit at home. With the right tools and equipment, choosing one with ease will become easy for any homeowner with experience in construction work.

Fire Pit Table

The perfect choice for buying a gas fireplace is buying the right one that fits your needs. Buying a table instead will do when you want to become different from houses with fireplaces. You can include your guests in outdoor activities with ease with this ideal feature.

Put it near the flower beds so everyone has enough space to gather around! The patio furniture combo of buying table chairs and benches provides comfortable gatherings for years of relaxation. However, they require careful maintenance.

Cleaning them removes stains from rainwater or melting snowflakes on exposed metal surfaces. These include steel, aluminum, or powder-coated products.

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are another option when buying a gas fireplace. This choice has high resistance to heat and rust because of the solid construction. However, buying one requires constant care for preventing stains from soot and charring.

The well-built models have heavy-duty base frames made from steel or cast aluminum. Expect sturdy legs for support when buying, installing, and maintaining a fire pit.

Cast iron bowls also provide a lot of heat during cold weather. This material is excellent in terms of cheapness and weight capacity! It provides stylish foundations that do not require much space around your house. They have a deep black finish that conceals ash and dirt that wind or rainwater brings vaporizing on exposed surfaces like metal.

Fire Pit Kits and Burners

Satisfy your curiosity in choosing the right fire pit kit and burner. Below is a guide on eight types:

Round Burner

Buying, installing, and maintaining a gas fire pit starts with this type. Its low price makes it the best choice for getting started! Having it does not require using special tools and equipment with rugged construction.

Round burners work like buying and installing a gas fireplace on a table without a gas fire pit. The air and propane mix inside for ignition purposes before starting to use it. This creates an open flame that provides something different from buying and installing a gas fireplace in your home.

Star Shaped Burner

Star shapes provide more uniform heating. They require buying and installing a gas fireplace with a simple structure and low cost for maintenance and repairs. Use propane or natural gas supplies with a connection to fuel the flame.

This new burner is perfect for natural gas or propane! The star shape offers a more subtle flame without the tall and round flames. These only appear on some burners and are present in most conventional ring designs.

Spur or Interlinked Spokes Burner

Spur burners work like buying and installing a gas fireplace without burning logs. They require heavy-duty connections to stay safe. The linking spokes provide an even flame that can handle high heat levels.

The spur burner has three interlinked spokes that create the shape of an asterisk. This wide-spreading flame pattern covers up most of the pan it is in. There are many different sizes for these heaters depending on how big you want your fire pit to become. Some are small at 12″ or large at 44″.

Linear or Trough Burner

Linear burners resemble buying and installing a gas fireplace on a wooden deck. This type is the safest to use with any fire pit heater and propane or natural gas appliances.

It has four-sided metal tubes that look like an outdoor barbeque grill. Most people do not need this. But having one saves money when buying, installing, and maintaining a fire pit.

Always avoid getting the round versions because of safety issues. The trough style spreads out flames better than a wood-burning fireplace in your home. It also uses less propane.

H Burner

H burners are the best choice for buying, installing, and maintaining propane fire pits! They act as a gas fireplace on your rooftop without actually purchasing one. It provides an exceptional heating option that is good for outdoor use.

This type has three legs that support it in standing up. You can buy them with steel or stainless steel construction. This makes it last longer than a gas fireplace with wood materials.

Rectangular Burner

The rectangular burner looks like buying and installing a gas fireplace for your living room. It provides excellent heating on tables or thatched structures from a propane fire pit.

These have an upright rectangle shape with rounded corners. They look unattractive compared to a gas fireplace in your home. But they provide effective heating effects during cold weather.

It has varying options that emit more heat. Rectangular burners typically stay within 12 to 48 inches in size for standard patios or backyard fires pits.

Square Burner

These burners get their name from the square shape that single units form. Each one of them has its feed line for fuel distribution at any time during usage. These lines connect valves that regulate how much to use each material during burning cycles. You can also connect two or more units when buying, installing, and maintaining a fire pit.

Square burners do not produce heat like a gas fireplace on the walls of your house. It provides more heat than a gas fire pit in terms of outdoor entertainment. The extra power makes them ideal for cooking purposes around your home.

S Burners

Single S burners include a single line that runs vertically along its length. They resemble buying and installing a gas fireplace in your home at first glance. But they look better than buying one because you can get them with stainless steel construction as desired.

This type is the most effective when buying, installing, and maintaining a gas fire pit. These units include S burners that produce more heat than a gas fireplace in your home. They generate more power on the walls of your house.


Owning a gas or wood fire pit deserves your proper maintenance. Learn how below:

Gas Fire Pits

It is important to make sure the burner system stays clean. There are metal parts and lines that can get dirtier. Inspect every few weeks or months depending on use. Take it apart immediately when your unit catches anything! Prevent hurting yourself when exiting safely.

Consider covering up outside elements like rain with tarps during particularly harsh storms. This will also protect against animal hair getting pulled into vents designed specifically for ventilation purposes only. Upkeep their appearance throughout each season by hand washing units inside after exposure.

Wood Fire Pits

A wood fire pit deserves proper buying, installing, and maintaining much like a gas fireplace. These units have large wood-burning features that take cutting down trees out of the equation. You can also chop down your tree or brush materials to use for fueling purposes around your home.

You should clean it after every few uses regularly. It is necessary to disinfect this way right before storing models away in containers outside until needed again.

Rules and Regulation

Familiarize yourself with five rules and regulations that you can follow for a gas fire pit. Here they are:


An outdoor fire pit needs to come with safety measures. You do not want to buy and install a gas fireplace without them. Make sure you get one with protective features like:

  • automatic shut off valves
  • spark arrestors for user protection against injuries or accidents
  • flame failure sensors for better quality control systems

Ease of Use

The buying, installing, and maintaining process needs to become smooth. You do not want to buy a gas fireplace that is hard to use or manage without professional help. Ensure buying products designed for easy operation of any person.

Everyone should know how to operate a fire pit with ease. It provides an outdoor spot for family activities. Take advantage of previously established features.

No Smell of Smoke

The buying, installing, and maintaining a process for a gas fire pit needs to become odorless. You do not want one that leaves traces of smoke and chemicals in the air. Make sure to purchase products with superior design and engineering standards.

A smokeless fire pit exists using several methods, including the charcoal method and upside down. It is important to recognize that they are not entirely smoke-free. But reduce it by a lot with some effort on your behalf.

Better Appearances

You want to buy and install a gas fireplace to become part of your beautiful outdoor space. It needs to complement the surrounding environment in every way. Choose ones that add beauty, not take your attention away from it.

This means buying models with design standards that match your preferences. Consider buying options without the use of wood for better aesthetics over time.

Keeping It in Working Condition

You do not want to own a fireplace with problems. It can become frustrating over time. Consider buying those that are easy to use without worrying about damage or dangers like fires.

These include buying options with design features that work well in outdoor environments. They should also come with upgraded technology for upkeep purposes only.

Investment – Is it Worth it?

Ensure buying a gas fireplace that is worth your money as well as time. Avoid buying one as an impulse purchase without learning about its quality beforehand. It includes purchasing options from sellers with terrible reviews.

Talk to a Fire Pit Expert

It is important to talk with a professional fire pit expert before buying one. They can provide insight on buying, installing, and maintaining products in the process. You can also get information on purchasing a gas fireplace that is worthy of your home.

You can join the fire pit craze that has grown so much! It is now the most popular accessory in many people’s backyards! Find one for yourself and your budget.


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