June 8, 2017

Captivating Designs for a Square or Rectangular Backyard

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Despite their simple shape, square and rectangular backyards give homeowners a chance to show their originality. Remodeling this type of backyard in Massapequa, NY allows landscape contractors to get creative, adding simple layouts, rich colors, and textures that can soften and redefine the square appearance of the backyard, creating an artful look. Here are some great design elements to include in your square or rectangular backyard.


Including walls in your design can create a well-organized space with great landscape flow. A good set of retaining walls will keep the soil in place, break up the area by creating boundaries and levels and give the yard a more interesting appearance. For this, you can include masonry walls, concrete structures, or embrace the cozy look of wooden fences. Stone walls lend an elegant touch full of character.


Likewise, incorporating verticals like steps and pillars helps to create a visually interesting three dimensional space. Steps also serve to connect multiple levels of a landscape that further enhance a square yard’s dimensionality. For smaller spaces, natural approaches like planting rows of small trees can also create an intriguing look. Tall plants with a narrow spread are also effective in creating interest in terms of texture, color and height for small, square backyards.


Adding borders to paved areas will similarly create a more appealing look by breaking up the squareness of the area. Borders can be used to introduce or enhance the curves of patio outlines, walkways and driveways. transforming and softening their appearance.

Create Sections

Square and rectangular outdoor spaces can be divided into various sections of differing shapes and sizes to counteract the rigidity of the straight lines and right angles created by the boundary walls, making the overall shape of the backyard less obvious. These sections can be used for different purposes too, allowing you to incorporate greater functionality into your outdoor area. For example, you can nestle the dining and cooking area next to your home and still have plenty of room left over for a kids’ play area and a swimming pool.

Focal Point

Having focal points in your landscape is one of the most effective ways to draw the attention away from the shape of the backyard and provide each area with character. Focal points instantly grab attention and are the first thing visitors notice when entering the various backyard spaces. Adding a fire pit, a fountain or a sculpture can break up the straight lines of the yard and introduce a sense of the organic. When adding a focal point, carefully consider the size of the element. Overly large pieces tend to dominate the space and make the area seem small.


Greenery softens the appearance of your backyard. Incorporate plants with soft outlines to break up a linear appearance and create balance and proportion. These can be placed in planters along the edge of a patio, adorn retaining wall planters, or run along the boundary of your property in naturally shaped beds to give the area a more natural appearance.


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