July 8, 2018

Choosing the Right Size and Shape for Your Swimming Pool in Melville, NY

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Swimming pools in the Melville, NY area come in all shapes and sizes. The many options present an opportunity to merge creativity and design for a standout pool in your outdoor space. But the choice for what your swimming pool should look like doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


Before getting into the various style options, you should first consider what size you want. While you might opt for a bigger pool; will you regret the choice over time? If you’re often entertaining — and plan to host large pool parties (where the majority of guests actually utilize it), and invite your large family or friends over often, and so on — then a bigger pool could work. However, if you won’t have time to use the pool much or your kids will use it more than you do, a smaller pool would do just fine. If morning laps are more your speed, then consider length. This size is also a good choice if you’re planning on growing your family over time.

Patio Space

A luxury pool set up can be complemented by a range of other structures to complete the overall look. An outdoor kitchen, built-in seating, and patios are all additions that can upgrade your pool’s surroundings. The thing about these essentials is that they take up space. It’ll be important to determine size restraints so that there aren’t any issues with property lines or distance from the house. Planning this out means you’ll always have enough space for your design extras, no matter your pool size.

Classic Style

While you have multiple pool styles to choose from — free form to lazy-L and all the others in between, Roman pools are a great choice for maintaining classic lines that never go out of style. With rounded ends and stylized corners, it brings the beauty of old school art into your modern Melville landscape. In the same way, Grecian design’s octagon-shaped, curved corners mirror these elements.

Sporting Ovals

Pools can be ideal for water sports, and if that’s up your alley, consider an oval-shaped pool. Since equipment can be easily set up around the pool’s perimeter, this shape lends itself to water polo, water basketball, and even kids’ games like noodle jousting. They’re not as formal-looking as a rectangular pool, and round corners make for a more relaxed look overall.

Geometric Simplicity

The rectangle shape was one of the most popular in early pool design, and has been a choice for many homeowners throughout the years. This formal, straight-edged pool almost commands you to jump in and start doing laps. Easily framed with options like extended seating areas, the geometric simplicity of this pool shape speaks for itself.

A Versatile Option

For a pool that puts the work in, consider a figure 8. Consisting of a deep end and shallow area, it’s great for families with young children or nonswimmers. This shape lets you decide what you want to do in your pool. Activity choices are endless, and there’s never the worry that you’re in too deep.


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