September 16, 2018

Circular Driveway Ideas for Your Syosset, NY, Landscape

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When you look at ways to improve your Syosset, NY, home, you may be focused on the fact that your yard and driveway seem too ordinary lately. Or perhaps you’ve recently noticed someone’s circular driveway—and you’ve become captivated by the idea. It’s understandable: A landscape design that includes a circular driveway provides a mesmerizing visual element for visitors and could expand your number of parking spaces. Here are three driveway ideas to consider:


If your home is sleek and modern, you’ll want your circular drive to reflect a similar look and feel. This is the style you want to focus on if you love clean, simple lines, and minimal landscaping. Consider creating an entry to your drive that is flanked by pillars and gates, acts an entry focal point, and has varying widths to manage more than one car at a time.

A monochromatic stone choice with a concrete seal in a shiny finish or large concrete squares broken up by darker stripes at regular intervals can continue the contemporary look you’re envisioning. You might also consider adding a modular fountain in the center to draw your guests toward your home’s entryway. Some native grasses and low growing shrubs would give your modern circular driveway the finished appearance you desire.

Country Estate

For homes with ample space, a long approach from the road leading to your gorgeous home as the focal point would make an incredible first impression. Your drive could be very wide to allow as many as three cars to park side by side, with additional private parking for family members on a side extension to the garage. Easy accommodations for passengers exiting vehicles and for loading and unloading would be a definite advantage of a circular drive.

Mixing brick pavers with contrasting stone edging keeps the informal feel of a country estate. Casual and elegant, this driveway would be all the welcome your guests and family need.


As for traditional homes, the circular driveway could carry through with the look of the interior of the house to the outside. Picture a stunning landscaping in the center of the circle—a large tree, well maintained shrubs, colorful flowers, and lush, green grass. An irregular patterned stone or perhaps pea gravel contained by stone edging could complete the look.

There are many considerations for composing a circular drive. How much of your existing space are you willing to designate to your new driveway? Does your front yard slope, or is your driveway entry from the side of the house? What else will need to change in your front yard to accommodate this new landscape design?

At Above All Masonry Design, we pride ourselves on our collaborative relationships, from initial design to final installation, with each client. A family-owned design firm with a focus on quality artisan craftsmanship, Above All Masonry offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us to assist you in planning and constructing the kind of circular driveway that will take your Syosset, NY, landscape from ordinary to outstanding!

Image courtesy of Unilock.


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