November 15, 2021

Cool Your House with Smart Landscaping

Smart Landscaping Long Island, NY

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Everybody wants a home that is affordable to cool down! You can cool your house with smart landscaping. This is without including the entire neighborhood by surrounding it with plants. Many people plant trees around their homes because it creates shade on sunny days and offers privacy from neighbors outside.

Beating Heat Buildup

Familiarize yourself with other landscaping tips to cool your house! You can cool down your home by strategically planting trees to catch breezes, putting evergreen shrubs along south-facing walls to deflect hot sun rays, and hanging cool curtains on windows.

Beating heat loss is very common in wintertime when it gets cold outside. People use furnace heating to keep their houses warm during the cold days of winter. When you want to beat heat loss for your home, plant deciduous trees toward the north side of your property. So they lose leaves in the fall and do not deflect sunlight from your home in wintertime.

As a homeowner, you know that energy-efficient landscaping can help cut down on your utility bills. However, did you also realize how heat plays an important role in the process? Windows take in the sun’s radiant heat from outside while dark roofs absorb it all! Walls and glass doors bring cool indoor air through conduction or infiltration depending on what is available for ventilation at any given time.

Make a Shade

Now that you are cool, make a shade map for your home. These are cool because they show where you can plant trees to cool down your house. Create one when you want to cool your house with smart landscaping. For this process, you can use graph paper or computer mapping software. The important thing here is to help yourself cool down with smart landscaping.

The biggest danger of heat buildup comes from the sun’s insulation on roads and roofs during the summertime! You can keep cool by planting flowers around exterior walls. Shade windows with shrubs that have dense foliage growth. Planting high-heat-tolerant species of trees along streets and sidewalks also help cool these. Everyone also stays safe.

Cooling Breezes

You can cool your house with smart landscaping by putting cool breezes around your home. Use good landscaping near windows and doors that allow them to cool inside. Plant vines on the walls since they cool naturally when you have a brick house.

Many people consider trees as the most useful plants for homes. They provide shade during hot days, yet branches have many benefits outside of just providing shelter. Lower branches in trees can help cool your home by moving air near them faster rather than when there were no trees present at all!

Pruning these lower parts also helps ensure that breezes travel up into first-floor windows. Pair with nearby shrubs planted under those same window spaces. Make it easier on you both aesthetically and financially. Less expensive materials will need little upkeep over time due to sunshine exposure.

Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company

A cool household is easier to maintain as a property. Hire a professional Long Island landscaping company to help cool your house with smart landscaping by planting trees around your home. These professional landscapers know how best to do this by using plants. So you can relax during those hot days of summer!

A professionally installed lawn makes every part of life easier and more pleasant. This is whether you are maintaining them or just living with the healthy plants and vegetation they provide.

Landscapers have years of experience and knowledge to cool your house with smart landscaping. They will help cool down you and your family as well as your home. You can cool your house by using smart landscaping tricks! These include planting trees around it, along the walls, and under the windows.

Assessing and Planning Your Landscape

A cool landscaped yard is a beautiful place for you and your family! Your landscaper can cool down your house by assessing and planning your landscape. Include cool breezes that will blow into windows, walls with nearby trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcovers. They know the best materials to use as well as how best to cool your house with smart landscaping. This way you have no worries about the hot weather outside.

Cooling from One Direction or Angle

Several cool landscaping tricks suit a home’s exterior besides planting trees! Cooling happens when a tree’s leaves absorb heat during the day yet give it off at night. So cooling breezes erupt their shade!

Landscaping Trends

Every landscaping trend has cool breezes as one of its benefits. There are many around homes you could use. Gaining cool breezes is one advantage of garden walls, canopies, and arbors. They have even been much larger recently to cool your house with smart landscaping. Whether you do it yourself or hire help, cool landscaping projects are a great way for your home!

Gardens for Air Flow

Using gardens for airflow includes their cooling power during the summertime! As you use these plants for this purpose, your house will cool off nicely. You can cool your house by doing landscaping tricks to make it better on hot days!

Careful of Landscaping Pitfalls

Consider landscaping pitfalls! It would not cool your house with landscape shade when the area underneath was heated up. A poorly designed garden can trap heat and even cause it to increase in the surrounding soil. Garden irrigation systems that do not work efficiently will damage everything!

Gardeners ask about planting in straight lines often. But it is important to keep that crossed wire of crookedness. All plants do not always grow at the same rate or die outright. It can ruin your entire planting scheme!

Protect Your Landscaping Investment

Protect your landscaping investment with cool tricks! There are several ideas for this. Water features cool air off as it evaporates. Wind turbines cool the area around them with circulating air. Use them in such a way that they cool your house during the day and heat it at night.

Cooling Your Home with Pine Trees

Cautions about planting trees near structures include their root system and growth habits. This is to make sure they do not cause problems later on after you cool down your home. It is important to always know the roots of plants, especially those near homes and buildings.

With a little care and creativity, landscaping can go way beyond simply beautifying your home! Smart design can increase your comfort and also help reduce energy costs for cooling systems by up to 15%! 


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