August 15, 2020

Creating an Outdoor Kitchen That Competes With the One Indoors in Hauppauge and Huntington NY Areas

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When you love to cook and entertain, having the right appliances and accessories in your kitchen can be critical to success. A skilled landscape professional can create an outdoor kitchen that can compete with any Hauppauge and Huntington, NY, area indoor cooking space—only in the fresh outdoors! The essentials of an outdoor kitchen can transform the way you cook for your family or for a large party.

Outdoor Kitchen Plan

There are some appliances in an indoor kitchen that see quite a bit of regular use and these can form the basis of an outdoor kitchen plan.

Built-in Grill

Many cooks today grill an entire meal and this can mean having a grill that can accommodate multiple items at once. A built-in grill can be the backbone of your cooking method along with storage cabinets to hold serving trays and plated, drawers for cooking mitts and grill utensils, and plenty of counter space for food prep.

Side Burner

A side burner can be as big as your indoor cooktop, enabling you to heat up multiple foods at once and fully cook others. Side burners can have anywhere from two to six burners for delicious side dishes and for toasting things like tortillas.

Built In Trash

Just like in an indoor kitchen, you don’t want to see a huge trashcan sitting out so a built-in trash receptacle can hold the trash and keep the space looking neat and clean.


The refrigerator could be arguably the most used appliance in the kitchen and this can also be true for an outdoor kitchen, too. With space for cold drinks, condiments, cold dishes, and other foods that need to be kept cold, a refrigerator can be a must for an excellent outdoor cooking experience.

Add in the Extras

If your indoor kitchen falls in the gourmet range, you can incorporate those features outside as well.

Ice Machine

Having an ice machine can come in handy on many fronts. From ice for drinks, ice cream machines, and snow cone machines, the extra ice that comes from an ice machine can help when you host family members for holidays and when you celebrate birthdays, too.

Pizza Oven

There might be nothing more fun than having a weekly “make your own pizza” night with the family. Many studies show that it can be hard for busy families to eat dinner together during the week so knowing that pizza night is planned every week can give everyone something to look forward to.


No one can resist pancakes, especially when they are cooked on the outdoor griddle and served with fresh fruit. Enjoying pancakes with all of the toppings and fresh OJ and hot coffee can be a great way to sit down as a family to plan the next week’s schedule and there can be no better place for that to happen than outside in the fresh morning air.

When your guests end up in the kitchen during most gatherings, it might be time to take the kitchen outside and there is where a skilled masonry design and landscape service can help. They can help you plan the ideal Hauppauge and Huntington, NY, area outdoor kitchen using hand selected stones and lavish appliances. You might love it so much that you never cook inside again.


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