May 19, 2016

Creating Fun and Safe Backyards for Kids

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“Going outside to play!” Don’t you wish you could hear those magical words more often? And if your kids are too young to explore outside on their own, don’t you wish you could say yes more often and join them for long enough for them to be exhausted (and happy of course)? Well, we have good news: it’s possible! Backyards should be an extension of your home – a place for you, your kids, and your guests to freely wonder about with endless activities.

Fire pit fun

A fire pit can serve as one of the perfect main attractions – if the location and style are perfect. Depending on placement and ease of use – you can enjoy your fire pit for warm, casual conversations with your kids. As for safety, homeowners often assume placing a fire pit in a space that is far from everything else (like at the edge of your property). While this works great to keep it out of the way and safe, you’ll find yourself rarely using it. Consider a built-in fire pit near the most often used spaces – like on your patio and near your pool. Use other built-in fire pit safety features to protect little hands rather than keeping the fire pit away in a corner.

The best backyards are full of spaces

If you’ve ever had to plan a large event (e.g. wedding, major birthday party) then you might know that the room size impacts how well your party guests will mingle with one another. Too much space tends to make spaces feel cold and uninviting. Well, the same is true for the outdoors. Create outdoor rooms with various sizes of sitting areas and match the furniture to the surroundings. For example, consider rot iron or wooden seating in your garden. Then, a seating wall against a fence, conversation chairs near a swing set, and a small kid-accessible table for drawing or painting. Related: Backyard Design Essentials

Consider Action

What could be better than your very own zip line? There is nothing like climbing a platform, strapping onto the line and seeing the world rush by as they slide down that line. Other adventurous activities can include a built-in ground level trampoline, mini-golf, or life-size board games (e.g. chess).

Add a Garden

Transform your backyard into a living garden. Not only will your kids love playing out there, but you’ll love relaxing in that garden too. A butterfly garden that features fragrant plants that attract butterflies is one good idea. If you want your kids to feel excited about that garden, consider creating a pizza garden -featuring all the ingredients that you need for a delicious pizza, including tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms and even herbs like basil and oregano. Your kids will love watching those plants grow and later making pizza from the ingredients.

Pizza Oven

Speaking of pizza, there’s nothing like having your own pizza oven. There is a reason the indoor kitchen is referred to as “the heart of the home.” People tend to mingle around the cooking areas – so jazz up your outdoor cooking space! And in case you’re not a pizza fan or can’t imagine eating it enough to get one – pizza ovens are so much more than pizza. From dessert to appetizers – there are endless things to cook in there!

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