May 9, 2017

Creating Privacy in Your Hilltop Landscaping

NY Hilltop Landscaping

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Hilltop landscaping comes with specific and varied problems that require resolution. One of the most challenging issues is devising privacy solutions for the yard. Enjoying the advantages of having a hilltop home while maximizing the land available requires creatives additions.

With the assistance of a well-trained and experienced landscape designer, you’ll find efficient and aesthetic solutions come in the form of both hardscapes and softscapes or a combination of the two for the most impressive impact. To make the most of your yard, embrace imaginative solutions, functional and appropriate greenery, and strategically placed vertical constructions.

Imaginative Solutions

A landscape designer should consider several elements when creating a plan to provide adequate privacy while maintaining the hilltop features that you enjoy. Your incredible view, the main advantage afforded your home by its location, should not be sacrificed in order to add privacy. It also wouldn’t hurt to take a walk to the neighbors and various places within the community to gain a perspective on the impression that you’d like to make with the completed landscape construction.

As your designer comes to you with ideas, ensure that he or she considers the project from all angles and facilitates an explanation, concept paper, or projected diagram to make sure that you fully comprehend the vision which you’re buying into.


Your hilltop home’s softscape serves to provide privacy, soften the landscape, and protect from erosion. When dealing with sloping landscapes, minimizing erosion is of critical importance, and you should ensure that you choose appropriate plantings that will prevent topsoil from washing away and grow well within the climate.

For privacy, large trees work well; however, it may take years for you to enjoy the full effect, so you might want to bring in some more mature trees instead of saplings. Evergreens are a good option because they tend to grow quickly, and when combined in a group, the symmetry is aesthetically pleasing. A grouping or row of strategically placed trees serve as a rewarding eco-friendly privacy screen.


Fences and retaining walls used to create privacy can vary in style and aesthetic. If you choose to incorporate a retaining wall, the construction might depend upon the steepness of the slope. For those slopes that call for a wall higher than four feet, an engineer is needed to determine the size and strength of the required footings prior to any construction. For walls that are shorter than four feet; however, your landscape contractor can handle the design and build of your wall. With retaining walls, you can create elevated levels on the side of your hilltop or a steep estate wall to block out onlookers. The constructions selected for your landscape design should maintain consistent architectural style, protect privacy, and complement the existing property.

Combination Of The Two

Making sure that the hardscapes and softscapes chosen work well together is key to a successful landscape. For instance, a treeline alone or a wall by itself can appear sparse and not well thought out, but when used as complements to one another, your privacy and view are both protected while also maintaining the aesthetic appearance of the overall property.


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