June 30, 2016

Creating Privacy For Your Long Island Patio

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Having a private outdoor area goes a long way in creating a relaxing space where you can enjoy your patio. Whether you’re struggling with nosy neighbors or simply want to lend a more secluded feel to your outdoor area, here, we share some tips on how to convert your open patio into a quiet haven of solitude. And just as important as gaining privacy, these “separations” help to provide definition to spaces and therefore add ambiance. Think of these privacy ideas as walls – for your outdoor spaces.

Plant Trees

Evergreen trees are a good option to cordon off a private area. Bear in mind that the tree you select should bear foliage at the line of sight you’d like to block. This can also help you to decide whether to plant against your boundary wall or closer to your patio. The Emerald Green Arborvitae is a skinny evergreen that grows up to 12 feet tall and can be planted close together to create a dense, tidy screen that is ideal for our climate.

Hedge Your Bets

Hedges are a tried and tested method of keeping out prying eyes. Cultivated correctly, hedges can create a quaint old English look or even a contemporary feel by providing a natural-looking border to your property. Hedges do require maintenance in order to be kept neat and tidy, but the overall effect is well worth it. Shrubs such as the Wichita Blue Juniper create a thick, dense evergreen screen that requires less maintenance than most and will bear out the cold winter.

Good ol’ Privacy Fencing

There are incredible amounts of choices in privacy fencing today. From material to colors, to height. The key to having beautiful privacy fencing installed is making sure it’s not intrusive. In other words, the fence should blend in with the area while providing the feeling of seclusion. This is possible with the right complementing plantings and trees. These natural complementing materials are critical to completing the look – this is where most of the time in planning for a privacy fence should be spent.

Creeper and Trellis

Simple and elegant, an ivy or grapevine covered trellis offers both privacy and aesthetic value. Creepers suitable to our include the trumpet honeysuckle, trumpet creeper, and the Virginia creeper, both excellent for attracting birds to your garden. The bonus? Creepers often provide a bright touch of color during the summer season.

Get a Pergola

If you don’t mind sacrificing some sunlight in the name of privacy, a pergola can create an intimate outdoor setting without taking up any floor or garden space. For best results in ensuring privacy, add outdoor curtains!

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