July 29, 2016

Creating the Perfect Party Destination in Your Long Island Backyard

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Fresh air, good people, and a few smart design elements are all you need to create the perfect party destination in your Long Island backyard. From choosing a theme to installing a quality sound system, these tips and suggestions will help you transform your yard into the envy of your neighbors.

Select a Theme

Give guests a reason to party by developing a theme for one or more of your outdoor spaces. A Mediterranean-style patio, for instance, is playful enough for dancing, yet evokes a sense of intimacy suitable for long nights of conversation. Mosaic tile, warm terracotta, water fountains, and polished bronze urns all contribute to this “Spanish modern” look. If an eclectic style is more your flavor, utilize rustic, low wooden tables, an upcycled sofa, and plenty of red and purple hues for a Bohemian-themed destination right in your backyard. Or, discuss the latest trends in abstract art and film from a contemporary outdoor living room characterized by smooth linear surfaces, natural fabrics, and muted tones interspersed with strategic pops of color. 

Never Thirsty

Can you really have a party without a bar? Creating your perfect backyard drink station requires little effort and may be done just hours before guests arrive. Set up a sturdy table and top it with an array of drink selections, pitchers, and cups for an easy and accessible self-serving station. For something more permanent, install L-shaped or island hardscaping in your patio or outdoor kitchen space, making sure to leave ample leg room for barstools. Swiveling, backless stools combined with an adjacent seating area encourage movement, so guests can feel free to mingle without encountering awkward sitting or standing arrangements. Seat walls also accommodate overflow especially well. Embellish your permanent bar area with a mini fridge, adequate storage space, and under the counter lighting for an authentic experience. Is a fixed outdoor bar not possible for your perfect party destination? No problem. A bar cart can work almost as well, following guests as they move around for refreshment all night long.

Add a Layer of Sound

When all else fails, you can always count on a reliable audio system to keep the party going. Plan smart when incorporating music into your backyard party destination, as speaker placement and durability considerations go a long way toward long-term enjoyment. If you plan to use audio in a semi-protected area, “weather-resistant” varieties are a suitable choice. If an all-encompassing landscape audio system would create the perfect ambiance to meet your entertaining needs, go for “weather-proof” varieties that won’t deteriorate due to fertilizers or pool chemicals. Whichever route you take, ensure your speakers are not obstructed by solid objects to avoid muffled sound.

Go beyond typical landscape design to make any day or night on your property memorable. With a cohesive theme, outdoor bar, and proper music system, creating the perfect party destination in your backyard is a straightforward process that will have your guests asking when they can come back next. And when it’s time to move forward or if you need more help, read this related article.


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