October 10, 2019

Creative Ways to Use Landscape Lighting on Your Backyard Waterfall in Glen Cove, NY

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Landscape lighting isn’t just for driveways or walkways—it can be used to strategically highlight special features of your Glen Cove, NY, backyard. Consider these creative ways to use landscape lighting to illuminate your backyard waterfall.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Lighting your nighttime outdoor landscape has many advantages. It can make your landscape really pop after dark, especially when you have specific portions of the landscape highlighted. Landscape lighting can be mixed to create ambient areas that are dimmer along with specific features that have bolder lighting such as spotlights.

Outdoor lighting can also make your landscape safer by deterring would-be thieves, as well as provide lighting that makes it comfortable to spend more time in the evening in your yard. Because you can see well, your children can play while you relax on the patio. And older relatives who worry about walking around in the dark can confidently join you as you enjoy the nighttime landscape view.

Special lighting after dark can draw attention to landscape features that you love, but it can also put the focus on features that may not be as noticeable in the daylight. Finally, landscape lighting can add value and curb appeal to your home.

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Creative Ways to Highlight Your Waterfall

Exterior lighting: Lights that focus on the waterfall add to the soothing sounds of the water by illuminating the source of those sounds. Incorporating uplights into the surrounding trees and bushes can extend that ambient beauty into the rest of the landscape. Nestling soft lights within the rocks that rim the waterfall and pond can also create a magical landscape when the sun sets.

Lighting within the waterfall: Adding lights within the waterfall can make your landscape feature feel otherworldly. The subtle nuances that lighting within the waterfall can bring could really make this feature feel special once it gets dark. Not only will you be able to hear the peaceful sounds of the water spilling into the pond, but you will be able to see it splashing.

Lighting for the base: Another beautiful way to draw attention to your waterfall at night is by just lighting the base. As the water spills over the edge, it can appear to fall right into the light. This can really bring some drama to your backyard waterfall.

Colored lighting: Lighting doesn’t just have to be white—your landscape professionals can incorporate other colors of lighting for your waterfall. There are types of lighting that can allow you to change the color of the waterfall for each season or holiday.

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Consult a Landscape Professional

Your local landscape professionals have various landscape lighting options at their disposal for your Glen Cove, NY, backyard waterfall. With expert craftsmanship, a dedication to perfection, and a focus on your vision, they can bring your lit waterfall to life.

If you don’t have a water feature but have thought of installing one, they can do this for you, too. With their focus on landscape design and expert masonry, their team can assist you as you choose materials, lighting, and plants for the surrounding space to create the backyard waterfall of your dreams.


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