February 26, 2019

Decorate Your Home’s Bedroom with Interior Masonry in Kings Park, NY

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When thinking about renovating a bedroom, homeowners tend to focus on bringing in new furniture or adding fresh paint. But to really make a change, consider a gorgeous masonry wall. A renovation project is the perfect time to think through the transforming potential that interior masonry could bring to your Kings Park, NY, bedroom.

Masonry Ideas for a Spectacular Bedroom

If you love an all-white color scheme for a bedroom, a light-colored stone wall behind the bed would bring interest and texture without disrupting the calming white aesthetic you have curated. Wide rectangular niches can hold candles, tea lights, and romantic, dainty florals. The gentle light will increase the soothing feeling as you prepare to rest.

A masonry wall in a contemporary bedroom could be composed of varying shades of gray to continue the cool colors often chosen for modern furniture and bedding. Mounting spotlights for illumination when reading in bed can increase the usefulness of the room when you want to relax.

Or, if you don’t like the idea of an entire wall of stone masonry, you could focus the interior masonry on the section that is home to your bed. The width can be only the as wide as the bed, making your bed the first thing friends and family notice about your updated room.

A novel idea for a large or small bedroom is to add a stone masonry dividing wall to create distinct spaces within the bedroom. This can function like a partition to give privacy to one part of the room.


Introduce Fireplace Stone Masonry

Of course, a fireplace in the bedroom is always a great candidate for stone masonry, particularly if it has become a bit dated. When you change up the bedding, paint colors, and accessories, choosing a current stone to revitalize the fireplace simply makes sense.


Add Stone Masonry to a Sitting Area

If your bedroom has a sitting area, a brick style masonry wall behind the relaxing couch would really bring a new level of sophistication to your room. Add some deep wood shelves to the wall to display your favorite art, and you will have a bedroom that is unique and exciting.

Frame a Wall of Windows or Doors

One of the most dazzling additions of masonry to a bedroom is to frame a wall of windows with stone or brick. You may or may not choose to trim out the windows with wood molding and sashes, as the definition the stone brings to the windows might be all they need to look finished. The same goes for a wall with glass doors—framing the doors with stone draws the eye to connect the outside with the spectacular masonry wall.

Stone masonry looks fabulous, no matter which wall it adorns in your Kings Park, NY, bedroom. There is a stone to match any décor, from gray to white to rustic to color-filled. If you are longing to do something truly different to your bedroom, then give a close look to interior stone masonry’s many variations. A professional mason can offer ideas and solutions for bringing stone masonry into the interior of your home.


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