June 27, 2018

Decorate Your Living Room with Interior Brick and Stone Masonry Walls in Bethpage, NY

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If your Bethpage, NY, living room lacks a certain something, there is no better way to add visual interest than with the integration of an interior brick or stone masonry wall. Whether you are looking to create a living room saturated with warmth, drama, rustic charm, or sleek modernity, your local interior masonry professional can transform your space.

The Fireplace

To create a traditional or more rustic living room, nothing compares to the charm of a cobblestone or brick-framed fireplace. The varying textures and sizes of natural stone or repurposed brick are simply charming. However, brick and stone are incredibly versatile and need not be reserved for the rustic. Painted brick can complement any number of styles. Brick and stone with smooth finishes and uniform sizes can achieve perfectly modern and formal looks. Consider, also, expanding the traditional brick or stone framing of the fireplace to include the entire wall, floor to ceiling. This is especially dramatic with a cathedral ceiling. Conversely, a partial wall that spans the entire length of the wall but only reaches the top of the fireplace would creates a uniquely modern look. The right design, paired with a carefully chosen brick or stone material, is a great way to showcase a fireplace and bring your living room to life.

Natural Stone

A natural stonewall never goes out of style. Whether you are aiming for an ultra-modern or ruggedly rustic living room, the wide variety of colors, textures, and designs offered by natural stone will get you the look that you want. Depending on if you want your wall to blend seamlessly with the rest of your living room décor or you’re hoping to introduce contrast, your stone masonry professional will show you a variety of stone material options. Whether you opt for river rock, fieldstone, ledgestone, limestone, whole stone slabs, or stacked stone, the multitude of shapes, surface textures, and colors will work with any style and color palette and bring the kind of visual interest that only nature itself can make possible.

Texture and Color

One of the best ways to make a living room more interesting, dramatic, or welcoming is to create contrast. A vibrant red brick wall can add incredible contrast to a more monochromatic color palette in the living room. If the traditional red brick is not your style, however, you might not want to completely discount brick. A limewash can really soften the look of a red brick wall. A single coat will allow a significant amount of the red to show through, but several coats will create a porous “whiteness” that can help to create an entirely different kind of feel in your living room. A whitewash can also be used for a more dramatic white, while still, very subtly, allowing the texture and original color to show through. Texture alone can create a more visually interesting wall and living room space. Irregular or recycled bricks add incredible warmth and charm to a space. A wall made up of receding and protruding bricks or stones interacts with shadow and light to bring a great degree of drama to your living room space. Using different kinds of stone, in different shapes, sizes, and textures, can really create a wall that feels like a work of art.


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