July 7, 2019

Design Ideas for Swimming Pool Waterfalls in Kings Park, NY

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Water features are desired for many reasons. They are aesthetically pleasing, they will bring value and appeal to your outdoor living space, they create focal points, and most importantly they can enhance the enjoyment that you, your loved ones, and your guests experience while relaxing outdoors in Kings Park, NY. The ultimate way to maximize one of your most valuable and utilized water features—your swimming pool—is to take it to the next level with the addition of a waterfall.

Adding a waterfall feature to your new or existing swimming pool will not only elevate the pleasure you experience by engaging all of your senses but can set your home’s value and appeal a notch above the rest. Read below for some stunning waterfall design ideas that can bring your home’s pool to life.

Adding on to Your Swimming Pool

When choosing the right waterfall for your home’s pool, it is important to consider what you desire most from your new waterfall. Waterfalls can create different levels of sound depending on placement, height, and size of the feature. Water flow, lighting, and interaction with the feature if desired are all essential factors to consider when designing a waterfall attribute. Once you have an idea of what entices you most, you can begin to incorporate those ideas into the design.


The Rocky Oasis

The cascading rock waterfall is a very popular and trendy design idea. This look is very appealing in rustic settings and where a natural oasis is desired. The rock formations can be designed to have varying levels and heights, so you are able to create amplified sound and changing levels of water flow if you want. The stone can be selected to match your outdoor living space, and lighting can be placed within the rock ledges to create ambience. The rock formations can greatly enhance the visual effect you crave.

Water Walls

Water walls are intricate and take a modern approach to waterfall designs. This type of water feature can be designed at great heights or be made more linear and streamlined to achieve a minimal height. The wall itself can be designed to match your exterior setting and color scheme to complement your outdoor living space. Lighting can be incorporated to add color effects to the water itself and also to light the wall or certain aspects and designs on the wall.

Rain Curtains

These designs normally incorporate a wall, overhang, rooftop, or pergola. They are essentially exactly what they sound like—light strings of rain droplets going into your pool. A rain curtain would create a wonderful focal point and a place to get under the water for a moment and cool off without the pressure of some more aggressive water cascades. These water features are beautifully designed in that they can bring other architectural features and hardscapes into the design process, making your outdoor living space really feel complete. Like other waterfalls, these features look amazing when the right lighting is added as part of the overall design scheme.

Spillover Spa

If adding a bold and overly large design to your space isn’t exactly what you are trying to achieve, or if space it limited, then consider a spillover spa. This offers a way to accomplish the visuals, sounds, and overall effects of a waterfall feature without having to increase the space you intend to use. The spa water will simply flow over and spill into to the pool, creating a waterfall ledge.


Scuppers and Sconces

Scuppers and sconces are add-on objects to swimming pools that offer similar effects. A scupper is typically a linear slot or spout that is attached to the pool wall itself or even from an elevated spa. A sconce, on the other hand, is generally a type of artsy decorative attribute such as an urn or animal feature and is often attached to a nearby structure or wall. In both instances the water propels out in a stream-like fashion. These waterfall-type features can be used in groups so you can place them along one side of the pool or have them positioned at different sides of the pool or you can even elect to incorporate just one for a subtle and simplistic look.


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