December 16, 2019

Designing a Swimming Pool and Deck with Safety in Mind in Oyster Bay, NY

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Whether you realize it or not, the decking that surrounds a swimming pool can be critical to the safety and success of how well the pool works for you. For that reason, the design of your Oyster Bay, NY, swimming pool and the deck that frames becomes an important part of your landscape.

Benefits of a Swimming Pool

Swimming can be a wonderful way to enjoy outdoor fun with family and friends. Studies have shown that getting outside for a swim can improve heart health while keeping the stress off of the joints. Regular swimming can boost cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength while also improving lung function.

Swimming can also be a real stress reliever after a hectic week of work and school, and it can also help anxiety. Many physicians recommend swimming as a rehabilitation method for injuries and conditions such as arthritis. To top off this list of benefits, swimming can be a lifelong activity that you can enjoy wherever there is water.

Choosing the Right Pool Surface

While pool decking has traditionally been poured concrete, the choices today for pool decking paving stones is so varied that you can ensure a complementary look to the exterior of your home or create something entirely new for your landscape. The aesthetic of poured concrete can be rather ordinary whereas pool deck paving stones can bring your style and personality to a favorite area for fun.

  • Non-slip: One of the most critical characteristics of pool surface and decks is to incorporate a non-slip surface. You never want anyone in your family or circle of friends to slip and fall when trying to maneuver around the swimming pool. Kids especially tend to love to run and jump into the pool, and that non-slip surface can keep them from a potentially serious injury.

  • Durability: You want a pool decking paver that can withstand the harsh Oyster Bay, NY, weather in the winter as well as the seasonal changes that can cause moisture to affect the integrity of the surface. Choosing a permeable paver can keep the moisture from causing a shift in the decking material, reducing the possibility of it expanding and cracking.

  • Structural strength: The pool decking material must be able to withstand the traffic of constant running. You also want to be sure it can withstand the heft or addition of any amenities you’re adding to your pool area such as an adjacent outdoor kitchen or a pergola for shade.

  • Stain resistance: When you have multiple children and adults around the swimming pool, there are always spills and mishaps with food and drinks, which have the potential to stain the surface of your pool deck. Selecting a pool deck paver with built-in stain resistance can be the difference between keeping your pool space attractive and fresh looking or spotty and stained. The inclusion of stain resistance can be a key component to ensuring that this area of your outdoor space continues to look great for years to come.

How Landscape Designers Can Help

No matter what pool size you have in mind for your Oyster Bay, NY, yard, landscape masonry design and outdoor living specialists can help you choose the pool surface and deck layout for your unique needs, by incorporating durable, non-slip, and beautiful paving stones into your design. This way you and your family can have a beautiful and private oasis to enjoy all summer long—right in your own backyard.


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