October 22, 2021

Driveway Repair: Should You Patch, Resurface or Replace?

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Time to patch up your driveway again? Do not go running out to buy a patch kit at your local home improvement store just yet! This article is going to run you through all of the variations of patching and resurfacing that might best suit your needs. Learn new insights so you can make an educated decision about patching or resurfacing your driveway.

Driveway Repair Options

Gain knowledge on five ways that you can repair the driveway from driveway contractors in long Island, NY:

Patching: The Cheapest Option

Patching is a simple material used to fill in cracks and holes. It involves using a different patch or patch resurfacing. You can almost certainly guarantee that this patch will not last for very long.

Pros: It is the least expensive option for driveway repair. This solution is an appropriate approach for your tiny patching needs.

Cons: The patches only last a couple of years at most before they need another set of patches. These can damage surrounding asphalt during installation by scraping them away from the surrounding area.

Resurfacing Asphalt Driveways: The Middle Ground

Resurfacing will patch up minor cracks and holes. It involves a new layer of asphalt being laid over the old surface. Consider it as a medium-term solution for patching or patch resurfacing problems.

Pros: The patch can last anywhere from five to ten years before you need to consider patching again. This method will waste less surrounding material when compared with patching. It is scraped off rather than torn away by hand.

Cons: You will spend more on it! Resurfacing costs around $2 a square foot. It is a price that most people cannot afford easily. This option is not good for your budget in the long run. That is unless you patch up every four or five years after repaving.

Asphalt Resurfacing Cost

Can you afford to remove and replace your driveway? The prices of resurfacing are at least $2.25 per square foot for simple asphalt duties. These can go up as high as 15% more expensive! That is when you need seal coating or other services. It may seem like an unnecessary expense.

But when all those cracks have been bothering you lately, the best way is just to contact some reputable contractors in your area. They can give you an estimate of their service first. This is before doing anything else that might cost them less labor. But not provide quality results due to abuse from weather conditions.

Replace Asphalt Driveway: Starting Over

When patching and resurfacing are not working out for you, it may become time to start over completely.

Pros: You can get your dream driveway with perfect specifications that meet your needs! Choose whether you want black asphalt or perhaps red brick is more of your style. Or you can go for grey concrete?

Cons: The costs can range from $2.50 per square foot upwards of $15 per square foot. This depends on the options that you choose. It is going to cost a lot of money! Perhaps too much for most people’s budgets! It will also become messy, cause a lot of disruption, and require a lot of work to clean up afterward.  

Timing Driveway Repairs: Weather Considerations

There are some considerations to make when you want to patch or resurface your driveway.

Wait for stable weather conditions before making any repairs. Do not patch up right after patching! It takes at least two weeks before patching again. Ensure the asphalt is fully dry and settled before patching a second time in a row. You will need to wait for a couple of months until the weather stabilizes when it is not.

Try to avoid repair during winter. When you have already been patching up all year round, you probably do not want to add another few months’ of patchwork. Instead, save yourself from this extra hassle by waiting until spring arrives instead of continuing with patchwork.

Uneven Concrete Slabs

Get ready to learn three ways in transforming uneven concrete slabs:


The patching process is not as simple as it sounds. Preparing the right way can help to achieve better results.


You need a new slab of concrete. Tear up the current patch or resurface first. That requires some heavy and mechanical equipment to do so. It may require you to hire a professional crew for this task. That is when you do not own a jackhammer yourself.


There is a patchable solution for concrete patching. Choices are sand, cement, and water. Pour the sand into the crack with the help of a squeegee. Let it dry overnight. Add in some cement mixed with water to patch up both sides of the sand that you just poured in there.


To patch up an uneven concrete slab, you need to level it somehow. Pour some patching material into the slabs that are low to raise them. That is when you add a layer of sand on top after patching. You should let this dry before pouring another layer of cement over it all.

Broken Concrete Steps

You have three steps to follow on how to fix broken concrete on your driveway:


Repairing broken edges and corners on concrete steps, curbs, slabs or walls requires a special material. You can mold it to fit the contours of surrounding surfaces without sagging. Use cement that sets fast for this purpose with minimal curing time necessary. Acrylic fortifiers make repairs even easier by strengthening joints between different parts within an object.


Use a trowel or putty knife to spread patch concrete into jagged areas around broken edges on your driveway. Apply acrylic fortifier onto the patchwork as well until the surface becomes smooth as desired once dry and hardens completely. Allow patching and fortifying patchwork to cure for at least twelve hours before continuing with patchwork.


Use a broom to sweep patching material away from broken edges on the driveway. Smooth out patchwork with a trowel or putty knife to ensure patchwork fills gaps and forms a smooth and even surface. Finish patching by washing off materials with water.

This is before allowing patching work to dry completely. Then, apply acrylic fortifier onto patchwork for added protection against wear and tear until patchwork sets into concrete permanently.

Pick among the three options to restore the superb condition of your driveway. Passing on it smoothly is the best experience!


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