December 30, 2017

Enhance your Oyster Bay Property with Landscape Architecture in 2018

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If you’re planning to renovate your Oyster Bay, NY, backyard, you may have had family and friends recommend consulting a landscape architect. However, if you’re pro DIY, you may not be convinced of the importance of professional landscape architecture. Landscape architecture has a huge benefit on the environment, as proper planning results in the use of fewer resources and the production of far less waste. If that’s not a good enough reason to swallow your pride and collaborate with a landscape architect, here are a few more prompts.

Preserving your natural landscape

Landscape architecture is the professional skill of balancing the hardscape and structures, which many homeowners focus on, with the natural landscape. Landscape architecture is not just about designing an aesthetically pleasing landscape with excellent ambience, but is also focused on minimizing the ecological footprint of residential renovations.

Allowing trees and plants to thrive in your backyard reaps plenty of benefits. For example, indigenous trees attract songbirds that can add a tranquil soundtrack to outdoor living. Plants also improve the quality and oxygen content of the surrounding air, and they can provide much needed shade on a hot summer’s day.

When selecting the right plants for your landscape, a landscape architect will take into account the amount of water, level of sun exposure, and soil quality that each type of plant requires to thrive. This will ensure that your landscape retains its initial beauty year after year and is as enduring as it is stunning.

The long term benefits of proper planning

Allowing a landscape architect to merge their landscape plan with your architectural vision for the hardscape will result in significant benefits. These benefits include cost savings on materials and construction, which leaves you with more money to splash on small luxuries for your completed landscape. Proper planning will also result in a more efficient construction process and a superior end result.

Certain aspects of landscape design, like adequate drainage, can easily be overlooked and present large inconveniences later on. However, landscape architecture aims to put together holistic designs that take into account both the hardscape and rehabilitation of the softscape, as well as maintenance requirements and cost. With such a comprehensive checklist, your landscape architect is guaranteed not to miss your need for stormwater management.

Professional landscape architecture simply results in more ‘finished’ and cohesive designs. For example, your driveway requires tasteful paving that is also durable enough to withstand the daily pressures of vehicular traffic. Your landscape architect will have a sound knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of various building materials, and will be able to recommend the best pavers for a blend of beauty and functionality. To complement your driveway, your landscape architect will be able to plant the right type of grass, given your climate and soil quality, to create a lush lawn. Finally, small details like edging and landscape lighting will be given the utmost care and consideration to ensure that your front yard is neat and safe to navigate at night.


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