June 18, 2018

Enjoy Outdoor Cooking by Incorporating a Pizza Oven into Your Outdoor Fireplace in Plainview, NY

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The only thing better than a roaring fire on a cool summer evening in Plainview, NY, is a pizza being prepared in an outdoor pizza oven. A pizza oven is a natural addition to an outdoor fireplace. Why not go the extra mile and make your outdoor kitchen the place that serves the best crispy-crusted pizza available outside of a brick-oven pizza restaurant.

Crowd Pleaser

There is something really exciting about food being prepared outdoors. Cooking food over open flame or glowing coals is an ancient practice. Like our ancient ancestors, we are drawn to the warmth and glow of the fire. We are especially drawn to the fire’s ability to make our food smell and taste absolutely incredible. Watching custom-made pizzas transformed by flame is thrilling. Children, especially, will love watching their mini pizza creations go into the oven and come out dripping with mozzarella. If you are looking for a way to kick your backyard entertaining up a notch, adding a pizza oven to your outdoor fireplace will not let you down. Most people who have incorporated an outdoor pizza oven into their outdoor kitchen have a hard time imagining a time without one.


Nothing compares to the authentic taste of a wood-fired pizza. The only way to get that authentic taste is to make your pizza authentically. The radiating high heat of the coals are absorbed into the brick or stone of the oven, allowing for an even distribution of heat. The high and radiating temperatures mean that the pizza cooks fast and the crust is crisp on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, and never soggy. Many argue that nothing beats the slightly smoky flavor of a wood-fired pizza. Additionally, the high and even heat brings out flavors that are not present when using a conventional oven.


Your landscape professional will pay careful attention to the location of your outdoor fireplace. Safety, of course, is the first consideration. Low hanging branches and plants should be sufficiently pruned to make sure that there is no obvious fire risk. Additionally, how you plan to use the space around your pizza oven will dictate its placement. Should the pizza oven be in close proximity to your home for year round dining? Will your pizza oven be incorporated into an outdoor kitchen or dining area? Will you need to have a seating area installed around the pizza oven? These are just some of the considerations necessary to ensure that your pizza oven is placed in a convenient, safe, and effective location.


Although the interior of the pizza oven will need to be made of firebricks, cooking tiles, or other high-heat-resistant materials, greater creative liberty is available when creating the outside of the oven. Your Above All Masonry Design and Outdoor Living professional can create any number of custom designs. Whether you are looking to create a traditional-looking brick or stone pizza oven, or something more modern with granite or metal, your pizza oven can be customized to meet your specific aesthetic tastes and spatial needs. A dome-shaped oven is the most popular pizza oven design. The dome shape creates an oven that heats fast and also efficiently retains the heat. These are the qualities necessary to create the perfect crispy-crusted pizza.


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