June 7, 2018

Four Innovative Backyard Design Ideas to Create Shade for Your Glen Cove, NY Patio

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After waiting all winter to enjoy your Glen Cove, NY backyard, you’re sure to want to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Adding shade to your landscape will allow you to take advantage of the warm weather without suffering in the hot sun. Try some of these backyard designs to create shade for your patio:

A Pergola for Privacy

A plain, flat landscape lacks interest and leaves very little shade in your yard. The addition of vertical elements will give your landscape definition and provide relief from the sun’s rays. A pergola is one of the most popular ways to create shade and add visual interest to your yard. Adding a pergola to your patio can also increase privacy and help define an outdoor seating area.

Pergola styles can vary from a simple wooden frame to beautifully designed structures with masonry footings and mechanical louvres. With so much design flexibility, a pergola will complement your patio whatever your landscape style. The addition of lattice panels to the sides of a pergola, can create privacy or additional shade. To reflect as much heat as possible, opt for a white or light colored pergola.

Create an Outdoor Room with a Cabana or Gazebo

If you prefer a spot with complete sun coverage, a gazebo or cabana may be a better option. A gazebo is a round or octagonal structure with partial walls and a full roof. Depending on the size of your gazebo, it can include a comfortable sitting or dining area.  A gazebo can also be screened in so you can enjoy dinner outdoors without being bothered by pesky mosquitoes.

A cabana is an open structure with columns and a full roof that gives an outdoor space the feeling of a complete, cozy room. Complete coverage from the elements means you can add extra touches like comfortable furniture and attractive outdoor lighting. Curtains will allow you to add extra shade or privacy when needed.

Entertain Under an Extended Roof

A covered patio alongside your home is the ultimate spot for outdoor entertaining.  A covered patio offers easy access to your home and provides better weather protection than other shade structures.  If you love to host, a covered patio is a great place for gathering, rain or shine.

A covered patio also means you can invest in more elaborate outdoor furnishings. A comfortable sofa set or a complete dining set will make your patio the favorite place for getting together with friends and family.

Plant Trees

Trees are the most natural way to create shade in your yard. They’re also the only feature that will provide shade for your home as well as your landscape. The added shade over your house will help reduce energy costs, while making your home more comfortable. Trees planted alongside your patio will create shade without requiring any structures to be built.

Trees are available in so many different varieties that it can be tough to choose just one. Evergreen trees grow quite tall and add interest to your landscape all year long. They also provide denser shade coverage than most deciduous trees. Fruit trees feature beautiful, fragrant flowers in the spring and then provide fresh fruit in the summer.  Not only will they create shade, they also provide a food source for bees and birds.


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