May 17, 2017

Front Entrances That Make The Right First Impression

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The entrance to your home not only creates the first impression, it also sets the stylistic tone of your entire property. To send the right message and make sure that impression lasts, here are some ideas on how landscaping can improve the front entrance to your home.

Spectacular boundary walls

Be it for privacy, security or aesthetic value, boundary walls are an excellent way to add instant curb appeal and frame the front entrance of your home. Natural stone or concrete wall units are ideal materials for separating your home from the street and adding character to your front yard. The aesthetic of these materials can then be repeated in the retaining walls, raised planter beds or walkway leading up to your home, resulting in a cohesive, unified design.

Lead the way

One way of providing easy navigation for you and your guests while contributing to the elegance of your entryway is to incorporate a natural stone or concrete paver walkway from the entrance of your property to your front door. The material of your choice can even be incorporated into the steps leading up to your front door, ensuring visual flow and guiding the eye from the street to your home. The design of this walkway is another important element of your front yard aesthetic. Walkways that start wide and taper towards the front door can contribute to an impression of welcoming and hospitality, while meandering curves and sweeping lines can create a gentle, organic look.

Add greenery

Wide steps leading up to your front door provide the perfect place for adding a touch of color with flowers in planters. Alternatively, raised planter beds can be added using retaining walls. These can be used to frame your front door, contribute the rich texture of natural stone to your entrance way and introduce the softening effect of lush plant life. Framing your front entrance with trees is another great way to add ambience to your yard and transform your front entrance into a focal point.

Create a seating area

A spacious front porch or front yard patio can be an excellent place for creating a comfortable seating spot. Whether this is for the enjoyment of your family for front yard get-togethers or simply a place for visitors to wait for you while you’re out, a comfortable front yard seating area can be an excellent complement to the front entrance of your home. The seating area can be as simple as a wooden bench, permanent seating or an all-out front yard outdoor lounge. This will give your front entrance a sense of comfort and warmth as well as practicality – you can sit down to slide your shoes on and off, look for your keys, or wait for a ride.

Bring light

The visual appeal of your front entrance shouldn’t end at sunset. By adding landscape lighting, you can ensure that your front entrance remains welcoming even after dark. Low intensity ground spot lights along the edge of your property can highlight the charm of your natural stone boundary wall, while walkway lighting will ensure safe navigation up to your front door. Other focal points, such as trees and shrubs, can also be highlighted to increase the evening ambience of your front yard.


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