July 15, 2016

How a Waterfall Can Transform Your Long Island Backyard

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Due to water’s inherent body- and mind-boosting qualities, as well as its ability to bring us back to nature, an outdoor waterfall can transform your Long Island backyard into a unique place to unwind and recharge. Learn more about the unexpected benefits an outdoor waterfall can bring to your landscape.

Negative Ion Power

Did you know that running water refreshes the air you breathe? An outdoor waterfall acts as a natural air purifier, drawing in and eliminating airborne dust and allergens. Moreover, research has shown that water features produce negative ions, which stimulate healthy serotonin production, improve energy, and decrease symptoms of depression. Transform your backyard into a feel-good zone by installing a standalone or built-in waterfall.

Sound Therapy

In addition to resupplying your landscape with fresh air and healthy negative ions, a waterfall introduces the soothing sound of babbling water for physical and psychological relaxation. Falling water emits a naturally occurring, specific sound frequency which is incredibly calming to the human body. In fact, Buddhist monks have long harnessed the sedative effects of water features to complement their meditation practices. Use this time-tested relaxation method to transform your backyard into a place of perfect serenity.

Return to Nature

Even in geometric and contemporary designs, waterfalls restore a sense of naturalness to outdoor spaces. Studies have revealed that being in nature yields better performance and accuracy when executing certain tasks, and positively contributes to overall health and happiness. Incorporate natural stone and green plants with abundant leaves into a standalone or built-in waterfall to snatch up these beneficial effects for yourself.

Invite Songbirds to Your Yard

Did you know that running water can attract pleasant wildlife to your backyard? Birds and other non-invasive creatures like to visit both still and dripping water features and bring a greater sense of nature to your landscape. Birds, especially, love to drink, bathe, and preen in falling water. Exotic fish, such as Japanese koi or goldfish, also offer a special touch to an ornamental waterfall pond. Take your backyard back to nature with a transformative outdoor waterfall.

Improve Your Landscape’s Feng Shui

According to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Sui, water brings essential balance and positive energy to a space. Generally translated as “Water and Wind,” Feng Sui utilizes the five elements of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire to create harmony within spatial arrangements. Water, in particular, symbolizes wealth, health, and creativity, and is an essential component of any well-designed area. Include this necessary element in the form of an ambient waterfall to improve your backyard’s Feng Shui.

Transcend common expectations of what a water feature can do for your landscape by taking advantage of these numerous benefits. Show family and friends how an impressive waterfall can transform your backyard – and be sure to reap the positive results for yourself!


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