August 31, 2019

How Interior Masonry Can Improve the Value of Your Hicksville, NY, Home

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If there are some spaces in your Hicksville, NY, home that need to be updated, consider how interior masonry can contribute to the value of your home. Here are some ideas for adding masonry to your home’s interior.

Why Use Masonry

When you think of updating some rooms or a feature such as a fireplace inside your home, you may initially not think of using interior masonry, but you may soon find out that it could be just what your home needs. A newly revamped interior fireplace could become the focal point, offering beautiful texture and interest as you show visitors around the house and later gather around for an after-dinner discussion. Read on for the many ways masonry can upgrade parts of your home’s interior.

Indoor Fireplace

If you have a fireplace that no longer looks nice—perhaps it is missing some bricks or the bricks are a color you despise—then masonry could be an ideal solution to cover those unattractive bricks. It may be suggested that you cover the fireplace with sheetrock so that the bricks are less noticeable, but the look of natural stone forming your fireplace could add an entirely new aesthetic to your home. With the addition of some custom bookcases on both sides of the fireplace, you would have a family room that is ready for relaxing.


Bring some drama to your bedroom with an accent wall of stone masonry. This could be a perfect spot to anchor your bed and add ambient lights to shine on the wall after the sun sets. A masonry wall ups the interest in your room with both color and texture, and you can still hang a mirror or your favorite art there.

Masonry functions well in backsplashes in a kitchen by bringing in a complementary color and shape to your cabinetry. You might even choose to have a wall in your kitchen of the same stone to echo the look in other parts of the room. The masonry aspect of your remodel doesn’t have to span an entire wall as you can just have half of a wall or the height of chair rail made of stonework to draw the eye to a certain area.


While wood and vinyl floors are typically found in most homes, consider using masonry pavers as a floor finish instead. Masonry is durable, easy to clean, and comes in most any tone you need in order to match the color palette of a room.

Window Trim

Another unique way to incorporate masonry inside the home is with your windows. This can work especially well in a contemporary home with a minimal color palette since it brings both color and texture to a neutral backdrop. With tones of gray, tan, white, and more, interior masonry works can be used to frame windows and doors.

Deciding to update the interior of your home with masonry can result in years of enjoyment and added value, particularly when you have access to expert craftsmanship, dedication to perfection, and personalized customer service. With two generations of masonry experience and personalized assistance choosing your stone, Above All Masonry can help you transform key elements of your home.


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