October 18, 2021

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen? Steps and Ideas

Outdoor kitchen in Bayville, NY

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Outdoor kitchens have been gaining popularity as a way of expanding cooking space and adding convenience to the home. Once considered a luxury reserved for high-end homes, many people now choose to include them as part of their backyard landscaping plans.

Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen

When you start designing your outdoor kitchen in Long Island, think about how to use it. Also, consider how to make the most of the available space. For example, there is a plan to grill a lot and prefer not to go into your house for dinnerware and other items each time you cookout.

An open design with lots of countertop areas makes the most sense. However, your outdoor kitchen plans that include more cooking inside than grilling or smoking outside need a simple barbecue island.

Giving importance to size means determining how much counter space you will need. Keep in mind that there are trade-offs when it comes to how many appliances you can fit into limited space. The standard kitchen island measures 36 inches in depth. Plan your outdoor kitchen at about three feet deeper than that. You will have the counter space you need for most appliances used in a typical kitchen.

A larger cooking area will keep guests away from heat and smoke when they are standing nearby while a person is cooking. It means fewer spills on your outdoor rug or deck since hot grease is also out of reach. You can always add a small backless step stool as needed.

Consider how often you use your outdoor grill compared to how often you cook inside. Even though it may seem like a pain, more equipment may make sense when you grill more often than you cook indoors.

Material Considerations

The grill and cooking area go together. You may choose a cast iron griddle or fire pit for your main outdoor kitchen countertop. These will heat up quickly but need time to cool down before you can move or clean them. Keep in mind how often you cook at high temperatures here. This is not an ideal place to keep hot pans of food waiting until you are ready to eat dinner.

A natural gas line means better efficiency, easier cleanup, and no fussing over coals dying out during the night. But then again, you can use standard charcoal grills that you simply move away from the house when finished cooking.

Cost Expectations

Most people can build a basic outdoor kitchen, including a grilling area and countertops with a sink for under $2,000. Custom designs might cost around $5,000. These consist of built-in appliances besides a built-in grill or even a wet bar in addition to the normal cooking area.

DIY Approach

You can choose how much or how little you want to do on your own. Rent a jackhammer and break up the ground with rocks as part of the foundation, for instance. Pull out some existing pavers and repurpose them as countertops.

Prepare to spend more time than expected in making such decisions. Even if there is nothing wrong with what you already have, how it lies next to other parts of your yard or how traffic flows by will affect how it looks in the end. The important thing is that you enjoy how your outdoor kitchen works for you!

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas Recommended by Pros

The following are diverse examples of how to build an outdoor kitchen.

Barbecue Grill

This is an island design with a charcoal barbecue grill as the main feature. It has a rectangular countertop with an outdoor kitchen cabinet space underneath and all around it.

The grilling area is at one end, beneath the countertop. The opposite end of this counter faces the outdoor kitchen sink where people can wash oil-covered hands or raw poultry after each use.

A small shelf line runs along two sides of this island for holding food items while cooking or barbecuing. Shelves made from wire mesh are best here because grease can flow through them to drip below before damaging wood surfaces.

Two-Sided Grill

Look at this outdoor kitchen design idea that has relatively flat countertops with a grill each. One is charcoal and the other propane gas. They have backsplashes to prevent grease from reaching the cabinets behind them.

People can use either one at a time or both together in having a larger group over for dinner. The cook simply turns off one cooker when finished using it. Turn both heat sources off in less than an hour no matter how much food remains.


Outdoor kitchen design ideas sometimes suggest the use of a griddle and grill together. Restaurants and food trucks use this often to serve breakfast all day and for many kinds of meals in between.

The island has enough space for two large griddles, two gas burners with controls on top, an oven range with four burners, standard stove drawers beneath them, and cabinets above for storing cooking utensils. You can hide a larger stainless steel sink beneath the countertop to save space when not used.

Only the island’s appliances are inclusive. Any other parts are separate from each other. But waterlines or electrical lines are still attached to the house as needed.


Seeing an outdoor kitchen design approach like this has a unit that resembles a traditional household stove. A barbecue grill replaces an oven. The two gas-powered burners are below the main part while there is another one above it.

The range has standard cooktop controls on one side and an oven range on the other. It also has drawers for cooking utensils, plus cabinets beneath for storage space. A stainless steel sink fills the space under the countertop island for washing or draining things immediately after use.

Pizza Oven

Nothing says outdoor kitchen design better than how to build an outdoor pizza oven. People can use it in the same way as traditional ovens inside homes. They just have to put in wood chips at one end. Put in food items at the other. Turn on the heat source when ready.

The exterior has a stone finish with covered corners for safety since it gets hot during use. A countertop made from kitchen-friendly paver and patios runs along two sides of this island while another one is underneath. There are also drawers and cabinets with range models above and below them respectively, plus a stainless steel sink between them.

Side Burners

You can also have indoor kitchen design ideas on how to build your outdoor kitchen. Here is how you do it:

Sideline the island’s central griddle or range units with two countertops on each side of them. Cook food items that need more heat than the others. There are gas-powered burners below while there is also another set above them.

The cooktop range has two four-burner ovens each with backsplash screens. These protect cabinets behind them from splashes or spills. There are drawers underneath for storing baking utensils plus overhead cabinets for cooking dishes.

Warming Drawer

This outdoor kitchen design concept has a warming drawer. You can use it similar to an indoor kitchen. Electric power operates it. Keep meals warm or take them out for your guests as needed.

The countertop island also has two side shelves made from wire mesh grates. These help fat drip below before reaching cabinets behind them. There are drawers underneath along with cabinets overhead for storage purposes. The stainless steel sink rests between where people can wash or drain items immediately after cooking or barbecuing.


You can know how to build a smoker for an outdoor kitchen.

Smokers are the perfect tools for barbecuing big batches of meat! They have a blend of charcoal woods from apple to pear maple. Each one infusing your food with its distinctive flavor. Hosting an outdoor gathering needs cooking all those pounds. It is worth at once on this grill as essential equipment.

A smoker not only brings out flavors as no other appliance can. But they also give off aromas that fill every corner around them. Likewise, receive warmth and comfort during cold winter days.

Fire Pit

Learning how to build a fire pit for an outdoor kitchen is another design approach that you can use. There is a fire pit at the center of this island. You can cook food on top or set up outdoor lights around it for mood purposes.

Ice Maker

You can know how to build an ice maker in an outdoor kitchen. This is how you do it:

Sideline the griddle or range on the island’s center with countertops on both sides of them. Put in a sink at one end and waterline in between for filling purposes. You can also add a stainless steel dishwasher to this space to make cleaning easier after use.

Built-In Cold Beverage Bin

This outdoor kitchen design concept includes how to create a built-in cold beverage bin. Put in ice at one end and beverages at the other. Your guests can get them when they need them for parties or events.

Beer Dispenser

Enlighten yourself on how to build a beer dispenser for an outdoor kitchen. Here is how you do it:

Put in an ice bin at one end and a dispenser with a gas-powered tap at the other. This is how your guests can get cold beverages as needed after cooking or barbecuing food items for meals.

Some cabinets also run along the countertop island’s sides while drawers slide out from underneath it. Wine racks replace cabinet doors on these to store alcoholic drinks before people serve them at events and parties they host here.

Wine Refrigerator

You can also include a wine refrigerator for your outdoor kitchen.

Install the appliance in a weather-resistant place outside. Your guests can cool drinks with it. This is before drinking them at parties or other events. This is how you do it :

The electrical power supply runs inside during operation. However, there are special fridges made especially for outdoor purposes that are weather resistant. They are good options at looking how to install a fridge in your outdoor kitchen.


The perfect place to host your next party, the outdoor kitchen bar is a great choice for all types of get-togethers! You can serve food effortlessly and quickly with this space. Your guests linger over their drinks in peace.


Make the outdoor kitchen sink an essential part of the design. It provides a place for washing dirty eating utensils and cooking tools, ensuring cleanliness. These prioritize the practicality of materials over all else.


A commercial-grade blender will make your next outdoor party a blast! It is easy to use and with many features that are perfect for entertaining guests or preparing drinks at home with friends!


There are different types of refrigerators for outdoor purposes to help you how to build an outdoor kitchen. People can use regular fridges or built-in ones that are weather resistant. Install them depending on how to put one in your outdoor kitchen.

Storage Drawer

Familiarize with how to build an outdoor kitchen involving storage drawers. These appliances include high tropical-rated stainless steel ones for this purpose. This is how you use them:

·      Add one next to the dishwasher within easy reach of any cook. They can get utensils, plates, or other items easily.

·      Another option is how to install a drawer in your outdoor kitchen. This way you do not have to mount cabinets along with the countertop. It will help you save space right here.


Learn how to build an outdoor kitchen that includes how to install a dishwasher. This appliance will help you in the cleaning process. They are perfect for washing dishes after people use them at events or parties!

Garbage Disposal

Put garbage disposal in your outdoor kitchen. This way you do not have to worry about things like how to install a sink or how to build an outdoor kitchen with a dishwasher. It helps you clean up and save time! 

Steps to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Begin your excitement in creating an outdoor kitchen! Follow the steps below to guide you:

Building with Combustible Materials?

Keep away from combustible materials such as leaves, grasses, paper, and other flammable items.

Types of how to build an outdoor kitchen:

Stone and Brick Countertops

You can build a stone or brick countertop in your outdoor kitchen with a sink. They are durable and easy to clean making them great options!

Proper Grill Vents

It is important to vent your outdoor grill. The right ventilation system will help you enjoy food without worrying about smoke. Increase the life of an expensive cooktop as well.

Enclosed Storage Components May Not Work Under a Sink or Grill

You may need to learn how to build an outdoor kitchen with a drawer. Enclose these components in a way without sitting under a sink or grill.

Outdoor-Rated Kitchen Appliances Are Your Best Choices

Choose how to install a dishwasher for your outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator. These appliances work great for this purpose!

Utility Sink May Look Great, But the Water is Too Close

A utility sink is a good choice in how to build an outdoor kitchen. However, it may become a problem because of the water source nearby. You can use this without cabinets.

Build Storage Space around Appliances

Build storage space around larger appliances such as cooktops and refrigerators. It will make your outdoor fridge more useful.

Never Install Cooking & Cooling Appliances Next to One Another

The purposes of these appliances contrast with each other. Protect everyone in your outdoor kitchen. Put them in separate locations.

Learn Those Cutout Dimensions Before You Cut

Familiarize with how to build an outdoor kitchen easier by learning the cutout dimensions before changing the shape. This means measuring how much space you will need for appliances or how high to create your cabinets.

Leave Ample Counter Space for Easy and Convenient Outdoor Cooking

Build an outdoor kitchen with ease means leaving ample counter space. Do not forget how to construct a stone wall for this purpose as well.

Do Your Research, But Above All Masonry Can Help

You can build an outdoor kitchen with masonry. It includes how to construct a brick wall, how to lay floor tiles, and how to install pavers for this purpose. Consult Above All Masonry in Long Island.

Questions to Consider Before Installing an Outdoor Kitchen

Below are some questions that may arouse your curiosity about installing an outdoor kitchen. Let the responses guide you:

Can I Afford an Outdoor Kitchen?

The plan on how to build an outdoor kitchen includes how much you can invest in this project as well as how much it will cost.

Will I Get Good Use Out of It?

Creating an outdoor kitchen includes how many people you cook for and how often. This helps determine how much space you will need in your outdoor kitchen design.

What Features Will I Need?

You may need an outdoor kitchen with a sink. Perhaps, learn how to install a double oven or how to add a fridge to your design.

Where is the Best Location For My Outdoor Kitchen?

When choosing the ideal location for your outdoor kitchen, consider staying close to your main house. Logistics are easier. Transport between indoors and outdoors becomes much simpler.

How Much Maintenance Will The Kitchen Require?

For how to build an outdoor kitchen, you need to determine how much maintenance this project involves. It includes how often you clean the area and how easy it is to maintain.


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