June 23, 2019

How to Choose the Best Lights for Your Swimming Pool in Glen Cove, NY

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When you imagine your idea of the perfect swimming pool, you’re likely picturing it during the brightest and sunniest of days. However, nighttime illumination is also an essential aspect of your overall swimming pool design. To get the most out of your backyard oasis in Glen Cove, NY, you’ll want to choose useful and elegant lighting to complement the swimming pool and its surrounding space. Deciding on what kind of lighting, where to put it, and how best to use it may be a confusing chore—unless you have some professional input to guide you. Here’s how to choose the best lights for your swimming pool.

Ambient Lighting

Your pool isn’t just a place to splash and play; it’s also an excellent focal feature for your backyard. One of the ways to highlight and make the most of your pool at night is with perfectly placed lighting. If you have an additional water feature, such as a fountain or waterfall, consider adding lights to this area of your pool to really make the space pop at night.

In the past, incandescent lighting was generally used as the industry standard for pool lights. However, this type of bulb outputs a yellow light, causing even the best cared for pool to have a greenish hue. Halogen bulbs have also been known to throw off a yellow cast as well, so if a cool and calming blue aesthetic is what you want to see in your pool at night, you will want an alternative lighting source. LED lights are an excellent choice if you want to light up your pool in a specialty hue.

Safety Lighting

Diving into a pitch black pool at night may be tempting, but it’s dangerous. For safety at all times, the lighting of your in-ground pool should be a priority. LED lights help with safety, as they produce a bright, white light. Be sure the right voltage is chosen for your pool, whether you have flush-mounted underwater lighting or a surface-mounted lighting.

Submersible LED lights are also possibilities, and are a simple way to light up your pool at night. These lights simply sink to the bottom and require no installation, but don’t offer a good permanent solution. You could also opt for a surface-mounted underwater LED or halogen light, which offers a less expensive option for a pre-existing pool. A flush-mounted underwater LED light is often considered a sure bet for beautiful, safe underwater lighting.

As you consider safety and lighting around your pool, don’t forget about spotlights and walkway lighting as well. Your entire pool deck or patio area could benefit from being well-lit to avoid trips and other hazards.

Fun Lighting

Did someone say pool party? Using LED lights to punch up your pool at night could be a fun way to make your outdoor space shine. This could be as simple as changing out the color of your pool light for the seasons or adding floating, color-changing disks. You could even install a rainbow of lighting to really wow your friends when the sun goes down. Use your imagination, pick your favorite colors, and add some fun light accents to your pool so that you can enjoy your outdoor space from sun up to sun down.


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