June 2, 2016

How to Create a Relaxing Backyard Oasis

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It’s been a long day and all you want to do is take a seat, catch your breath, and calm your mind. Often, it can be difficult to find even a snippet of peace inside the home, which is constantly busy amidst overlapping schedules, the repetitive hum of television, and the rapid-fire “pings” of smart phone messages. Swap the commotion for inner peace by creating a relaxing backyard oasis. Whether you practice yoga, meditation, or simply need a quiet space to unwind, it’s possible to achieve your perfect escape just a few steps outside your Long Island, NY home.

Protect Your Secret Hideaway

Privacy is fundamental to any outdoor haven. Tuck your backyard oasis behind privacy plantings, forming a dense living wall. Fast-growing ornamental shrubs and grasses are excellent choices; use species that grow up to six feet tall to evoke a sense of seclusion. Decorative privacy screens also lend secrecy to your garden oasis and can be used in combination with vining plants, such as ivy or hops.

Interweave Layers of Plant and Stone

Research has shown that feelings of connectedness to nature have a stress-reducing, calming effect. Harness the soothing powers of the earth by interspersing layers of lush greenery with cooling natural stone. Plant numerous shades of green, playing with texture, size, and shape. Mix broad-leafed philodendrons, for instance, with delicate fern plants, or incorporate colorful potted orchids into foliage and overhanging tree branches. Finish the natural look with stone hardscaping, such as pathways with concrete pavers (e.g. Unilock’s Beacon Hill pavers) and earthy garden benches, in your backyard oasis for a truly harmonious space.

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Add Soul-soothing Art

Sculptures and water features contribute a unique serenity ideal for relaxation. A backyard oasis can benefit from calming natural stone sculptures, which may be purchased from landscaping stores or specially commissioned for a personal touch. Impressive decorative rocks, too, help ground the space, keeping your mind steady and focused. Water features not only provide visual elegance, but emit the constant, soothing sound of running water. Invest in a natural stone waterfall, fountain, or reflection pool to foster tranquility and contemplation.

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Mindfully Disconnect

Separate yourself from the busy outside world by making a conscious decision to unplug. Pick a location beyond the range of your home’s wireless connection to create your backyard oasis. If this is not possible, make a dedicated “Wifi-free zone” sign which kindly asks inhabitants of the space to turn their cell phones on airplane mode or completely off. Most importantly, set a good example by sticking with it, yourself!

Think About the Extras

Which additional features would make the space truly peaceful for you? Perhaps you’d like a pergola to lay your yoga mat, or a space for fine sand patterns to invoke Zen ambiance. Whatever details and design elements you find most relaxing, be sure to include them in your backyard oasis.

Make peace and quiet frequent visitors in your life with a mindful outdoor space. Experience the benefits of inner tranquility daily by creating a relaxing oasis in your backyard.


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