March 31, 2019

How to Create a Stunning Effect for Your Huntington, NY, Home With Interior Masonry

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Interior masonry can be transformative to the overall look of your home’s interior, no matter its style. Here’s how to create a stunning effect for your Huntington, NY, home with interior masonry.

Why Masonry?

Most interior walls of modern homes are made of drywall. That’s why changing things up with a different type of material can make a huge difference. When homeowners want to transform at least one wall of their main living space into a feature wall, perhaps nothing says “timeless,” “quality,” and “high end” better than masonry. With so many options, homeowners can put their personality into the transformation and add a sense of history, grandeur, and craftsmanship in their home.



Outdated fireplace surrounds can become an eyesore that makes you want to avoid a room. Enjoy all your space with a masonry facelift. For a contemporary yet timeless style, opt for stacked limestone or quartz (these light-colored stones have a more modern feel than brick or river rock). Or, for a historic look, consider brick or tumbled stone with a hefty mantel that looks like it’s been in the family for generations.


Masonry walls and backsplashes in the kitchen say, “This home has history.” The timeworn, rustic look of masonry contrasts beautifully with the smooth, polished surface of modern cabinetry and appliances. You could opt for using masonry as a veneer on permanent kitchen islands, as a backsplash, or for creating a feature wall.

Feature Walls

Painted feature walls can be wonderful, but there’s the risk that they will look dated over time. If you want to draw attention to a wall and give the room a dose of sophistication, masonry can be far more interesting. Consider that it will spark conversation and inspiration. It can also be a nod to the home’s history (for example, a stacked slate veneer is reminiscent of the low stacked walls that New York state farmers used to define fields and orchards). And it can make a room feel larger, or more intimate, as the situation dictates.

Framing Key Features

It’s one thing to frame a fireplace with masonry; it’s another to frame doors and windows, especially windows with a dramatic view—the result is an unexpected yet welcome look in many contemporary homes.


To give your bathroom a sophisticated feel, you could use stone in the shower, as wainscoting, as a backsplash, and even as flooring (you could install radiant heat to keep the stone floor feeling cozy).



To feel like royalty in your bedroom, install masonry on the wall behind your headboard. Use stones or brick with a color palette that you find soothing and relaxing without making the room feel cold.

Whether you’re looking to create visual interest in an ultramodern living room, impart a rustic farmhouse appeal to your kitchen, or make your bathroom feel like a spa or a luxurious Mediterranean villa, masonry could be a fitting solution. Masonry works with all architectural styles—it’s a timeless craft that is both historic and modern.

When you use masonry in interior design, pay particular attention to your choices of texture, size, material, and color, as each element will influence the feel of a room. Connect with us for inspiration and guidance to create a statement using interior masonry!


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