June 11, 2019

How to Illuminate Your Front and Backyard in Huntington Station, NY, with Landscape Lighting

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While your front and backyard are pretty in the daylight with its freshly manicured grass and lovely flowers, all that beauty disappears into the darkness when night falls. Illuminating your Huntington Station, NY, landscape with landscape lighting can allow you to enjoy your gorgeous yard at night, too. Here are some ways to add landscape lighting to your front and backyards for longer lasting enjoyment of your outdoor living space.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Aside from the obvious benefit of added beauty, landscape lighting increases the safety and utility of your landscape after dark. When guests can see clearly as they arrive after the sun goes down, they are less likely to stumble or fall. It is easier to locate your home when the address is illuminated and the entry to the driveway is lit. Appropriate lighting also discourages would-be thieves from approaching your home. Statistics show that burglars are much less likely to try entering a home where they can be seen clearly. And, finally, lighting for the backyard can allow you to enjoy your outdoor area later in the day as your children play or you relax with a great book.

Front Yard Lighting Ideas

Driveway and walkway lighting brings clarity and ease of movement for these two areas. Not only will your friends and family appreciate this, but you will love how trouble-free arriving home at night will be when your garage and entry way are well-lit. Another excellent spot to illuminate is a focal wall of your home such as one that has gorgeous rock work or a sparkling water wall. Placing strategic spotlights on a majestic tree or an especially pretty landscape bed brings a new dimension to your landscape that you don’t see in the daylight.

Lights that point upward into the shrubs at the foundation of your home create beautiful illumination as they draw the eye toward your home and yard. A masonry wall can take on a dramatic and moody appearance after dark with lighting that brings out the multiple facets of the wall’s stonework.

Backyard Lighting Ideas

Lighting for the backyard tends to be more intimate and fun. String lights for your trees and patio can make the backyard seem whimsical when night time arrives. If you love dining on the patio in the daylight, then having the ability to dine after dark is a must. Lanterns added to strategic spots on the patio or deck increase the intimate and private feel of your patio. Lanterns and chandeliers can hang from the ceiling of a covered porch or pergola, making those areas feel cozy. Any tree or shrub can benefit from uplighting to invite friends and family to stay and visit for a while. And lights installed on the steps of a wall that lead to another level of your yard are both safe and gorgeous features.

If modern is more your style, consider lighting the planters in your backyard. Round, orb-style lights suspended from the trees are both fun and helpful for additional pathway lighting. Large lights that look like industrial desk lights can be mounted on the side of the house for an urban feel.


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