November 9, 2021

How to Maintain Your Driveway and Walkways This Winter

Driveway with pavers in Port and Jefferson, NY

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As winter approaches and the temperature begins to drop, there is often a flurry of activity that precedes autumn! Clean up your yards, rake the leaves into piles for composting or bagging, and maybe even remove toys from an above-ground pool. But as you prepare for winter activities like cozy fireplaces, hot chocolate, and festive holiday lights, it is also important to maintain your driveway and walkways this winter.

What are Driveway Pits?

Driveway pits, sometimes called hardpan, are round spots on asphalt surfaces. Asphalt is a mixture of mineral aggregate and petroleum binder that you can place over gravel. It becomes the foundation for driveways and roads. Before paving occurs, there may become areas left open to provide relief from excessive moisture and freezing temperatures. Over time, water seeps through cracks in the pavement and accumulates in these holes.

Often driveway pits will appear as bumpy circles that could catch your car’s front tires when you are not careful. But they can also become cracks or even potholes which make them difficult to maintain any longer. It is common knowledge that pitting occurs after periods of expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, especially during winter.

Preventive Maintenance

Familiarize yourself with three ways of preventive maintenance that you can do. These are for your driveway and walkways. Below is a guide:

Fill Cracks and Holes

Fill holes or cracks as needed with a cold mix of asphalt. You may wish to maintain your driveway and walkways more often. Apply a thin layer of sand across the surface after thoroughly raking leaves from your lawn. This should help keep the soil from getting inside the porous asphalt. You should never allow sand to remain on top for a long time! It may clog the pores in the asphalt and prevent moisture from escaping during freezing weather.

In addition, avoid putting snow onto driveways and walkways whenever possible. But when you must pile snow onto asphalt surfaces, remove it as quickly as possible! Water will not have a chance to pool into holes that could then become dangerous ice patches.

Take preventative action to maintain your driveway and walkways this winter! A pitting problem that is causing difficulty means to look for professional driveway repair services near you.

Seal Hard Surfaces

Maintain your hard surfaces this winter by applying a sealer. The sealant will protect the asphalt from winter weather and future damage due to water and rusting. Wait until winter to maintain your driveway and walkways. Ideally, the best time to take care of your hard surfaces is before winter begins or early autumn.

Concrete patios, walkways, and driveways are an essential part of your home. When winter comes, it is important to take care of these surfaces. They can stay in good shape all year long! Instances arise when you cannot plow away the snow from them or when there are already some cracks developing on top due to gaps. Apply a sealer before anything else. This way everything will become sealed up quickly without worrying about any more damage!

Buy a rubber-edge snow shovel before the first snowfall

The best way to avoid injury during winter is by doing a few minutes of warm-up exercises before shoveling snow! This will help keep you from getting too sore and accommodate the different types of work that your muscles need. You will do manual labor like pushing, pulling, or squatting for extended periods.

Accidents happen when you least expect them! Have a safety plan in case of an emergency. Slipping and falling on ice or snow-packed ground-up kitty litter will provide traction for your footing while providing needed gripping power.

Melt more than just the surface before going out. Apply grit over slippery surfaces such as sandstone paths during freezing temperatures outside!

Shoveling does not seem like it should become hard on you. But when you do not take care in preparing yourselves properly, things can go south quickly! It can become all at once while trying not to make direct contact between your hands or shoveling, and so on.

Winter Maintenance

Enlighten yourself with eight winter maintenance tips that you can do for the driveway and walkway. Follow the guide below:

Avoid Using Rock Salt

Salt can corrode the coatings that you find in asphalt. Some people prefer rock salt, which provides traction for walking safely this winter. Overusing salt will make surfaces appear dirty and could eventually damage the area. You can use rock salt on driveways and walkways to provide traction. Doing this while shoveling will give you an easier time dealing with snow accumulations.

Rock salt is one of the most dangerous substances for concrete. When it is not mixed, finished, and cured properly, it can cause all sorts of damage! These include staining or even crumbling in some cases. It is important not just for aesthetic purposes but also for safety.

These sidewalks are not safe when they are slippery with this thing on them. Make sure that any project involving rock salt contains an application process. It includes putting finetuning solutions beforehand when possible.

Using Shovel Has Its Pros and Cons

On one side, using it can become quite an attractive prospect because of the many benefits that come with it! It includes moving more snow at once while also saving you energy. There is also some stress involved in dislodging and throwing out large amounts of piled-up snow and ice off your walkways and driveways.

This means there will become less work to do on your part when you use a shovel! Compare it with other methods such as blowers or equipment rentals. You will also get better results despite having minor limitations such as its blade depth capacity.

On the other hand, using a shovel comes with downsides too such as strain within certain parts of your body. This occurs when you maintain your driveways and walkways all year round! You will also need to keep it in good shape when dealing with any kind of snow. Consider wearing gloves while working on one. This way, you can prevent injuries before they happen.

Consider Heated Portable Mats

These mats maintain a temperature that prevents snow from sticking to the ground beneath them. The easiest way to use this is by leaving them in your car when you park in a garage. Stay directly on top of them. Make sure that the weather conditions are right for it, though.

The mats will maintain temperatures around 20 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius. It is easy enough to maintain even when there is any buildup throughout time. Heated mat maintenance involves simple wiping or brushing off loose dirt or debris with an ordinary broom and dustpan afterward.

You could also drive over it in your car. This could happen when you maintain it properly. Heated mats provide an affordable and practical way to keep your home cool during those hot summer days! Heating systems can get expensive. You might think about getting one for the safety of children or pets as well.

Using sand to enhance traction in high-traffic outdoor areas this winter

This is always an option. Do not overdo this, though! You will pool sand when you maintain your driveways and walkways in the future. That is also true for calcium chloride or magnesium chloride compounds that act as deicers when used correctly. This can become very effective in ensuring people maintain their driveways and walkways all year round!

It can also prevent it from becoming too slick in cold weather conditions. But there are some limitations to consider with these things. They include minor corrosion within metal components of automobiles or even stamped concrete surfaces at times.

You can make your concrete safe and slip-resistant by applying a layer of non-slip. Another choice is to add in some silica sand before finishing with the sealant. Putting it on floors can also have paint.

Proper Drainage

This will maintain your driveways and walkways. Look for a continuous slope or grade from one part of the ground to another. You can also add in a fixed area with pavers. It is important to maintain proper grading throughout time, though. This way, water can go where it should instead of pooling on different parts of your property.

There are also numerous alternatives when it comes to drainage solutions that work best in managing water effectively! You must maintain a proper grading system to keep this at bay during severe winter conditions. These involve snow and ice buildup in certain areas.

Water drainage systems may include trench drains or even drain pipe materials. Perforated corrugated pipes from companies like custom and corrugated metal also come in different sizes. You can maintain your driveway and walkways by having these in good shape when the weather gets cold!

Keep the spouts pointed away from your driveway

Maintain your driveway and walkways throughout time by also doing these properly. You might also keep a grading slope to make it effective. This is instead of pointing it down at your driveway or walkway. That will help you maintain the drainage system at all times. It is more efficient than letting water freeze and cause problems like ice buildup and snow lingering also along with certain parts of your property for extended periods.

There are many factors to consider when it comes to how far an extension should go. Location, accessibility, and landscaping all come into play. So there is not always a clear-cut answer about what is best for your home!

Fix The Snow Blocks

Maintain your driveway and walkways by finding the best ways to fix obstructions from blocking or hard to maintain this winter. You can keep your driveway and walkways by doing these things. Blocked spouts make it difficult for proper drainage in some cases. This can also cause flooding throughout a time when you maintain their driveways and walkways properly.

You might have to try at least a few times before you get it right! But you should not do any damage at all with a shovel or a blade to make sure water flows away quickly! Using a wire brush also helps clear leaves and debris from drains. There are other techniques for clearing them. These involve pouring boiling water into them or even baking soda combined with vinegar into them.

Install lights for night safety

Maintain your driveways and walkways this winter by making sure they are visible at night. Add in LED outdoor light fixtures that keep driveways, pathways, sidewalks, steps, patios, decks, and other surfaces used for landscaping properly throughout the year. These lights come in many colors to also maintain your driveway or walkway safe.

It is important to remember that keeping up with maintenance will ensure your home keeps its value well after putting time into installing it. This includes all any landscaping ones as well as appliances like water heaters that have a lifespan of about 10 years! Even drains need proper care so that water goes where it should.

Other Tips

Maintain your driveway and walkways by doing other things this winter. Keep your home safe from damage due to snow and ice buildup by also remembering these logical tips. You take care of driveways and walkways properly like proper grading for water drainage solutions.

Things like keeping the sidewalk shoveled in addition to keeping a roof rake nearby make it easier to maintain your driveway and walkways easily. It is important to have them in good shape when the weather gets cold! So there are no problems with ice buildup or lingering snow around certain parts of your property for extended periods.

Monitor water pipes closer during extremely cold conditions. This is whether you use well or municipal water throughout time with drainage problems.

What is The Best Way to Maintain Concrete?

Maintain your concrete by ensuring you do it correctly. Ensure to take care of your driveway and walkways throughout the year. This includes learning about how to take care of them properly along with preventing ice damage or other issues that come up during cold weather. The best way to maintain concrete is to keep it clean, maintain it throughout time, and do not use harsh chemicals on it.

Follow these tips on preventive and winter maintenance for your driveway and walkways. Do at least one and practice more when they are effective. The chilly season still desires these structures with your utmost care.


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