February 18, 2018

How to Transform Your Long Island Kitchen with Interior Masonry

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There’s no disputing the charm, character, and warmth that natural stone can add to a Long Island, NY, kitchen, whether modern or traditional in design. Natural stone can add a touch of the authenticity associated with English farm cottages, in the form of rough hewn stone walls or fireplaces, or introduce the futuristic sleekness of modern design, in the form of polished granite countertops. However it’s used, the result is utterly transformational. Here are some ways you can completely reinvent the look of your kitchen with the help of Above All Masonry:

Backsplash Areas for Sinks and Stoves

The backsplash areas of sinks and stoves are as functional as they are aesthetic. The purpose of these areas is to protect the walls of the home from moisture, oil, and grease. Natural stone fares far better when exposed to these substances than simple painted plaster. The reasons for this being that natural stone, such as granite in its polished form, is extremely non-porous, making moisture a non-issue and greasy marks easy to clean. Natural stone backsplashes are also attractive and rich in charming detail that makes them ideal backdrops to functional cooking and cleaning areas.

Accent Walls

Incorporating accent walls into the design of a kitchen is a great way to highlight features, add color, or experiment with an interesting style. Limiting the use of a material or color to a single accent wall allows you to introduce a certain aesthetic without it dominating the entire space. Whether it’s a neatly stacked stone veneer, warm face brick, or a rugged boulder look, a masonry accent wall is a captivating detail for any style of kitchen.

Stone Veneer Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands serve the functional purpose of providing additional room for food preparation, storage, dining. or the housing of appliances. They can be easily remodeled with the application of stone veneer. In the same way that accent walls can alter a kitchen’s aesthetic, applying stone veneer to a kitchen island can boost its visual appeal and add character to the overall kitchen without it dominating the space. Adding stone veneer to a kitchen island is also a great way to repeat a color, texture, or pattern that already exists in other features of your kitchen.

Kitchen Fireplaces

There was a time when a fireplace was central to the function of a kitchen. With modern cooking appliances and indoor heating, this is no longer the case. However, a fireplace installed in your kitchen can still go a long way towards boosting the atmosphere and coziness, particularly if your kitchen is a central room in your home for eating, socializing, and cooking as a family.


Natural stone has a number of benefits when used for work surfaces. Granite, soapstone, and other dense natural stone offers hygienic advantages with their ease of cleaning, stain-resistance, and low porosity. Along with these benefits, natural stone countertops are durable and offer a luxurious appearance that is unmatched by other materials. The high level of detail and rich personality of natural stone countertops make them an excellent way to inject an entirely new look into the design of your kitchen.


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