December 7, 2018

Improve The Appeal of Your Bethpage, NY, House with These 5 Popular Landscape Architecture Ideas

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Home styles and landscape looks change over time, as preferences evolve and new trends take hold. Ensuring the exterior of your Bethpage, NY, home will preserve the curb appeal of your home and contribute to increasing its overall value. Consider these popular landscape architecture ideas to improve the appeal of your home.

Evaluate Your Home and Yard

Take a picture of your home and yard, and look at it with a critical eye. By taking this step back to look at your house as objectively as possible, you’ll get a clearer picture for evaluating what changes need to happen. The simplest changes can come from adding or defining landscape beds. Maybe your yard needs a large bed to create a visual focal point. Anchored by an unusual tree, a landscaped bed filled with green shrubs and colorful flowers can really perk up the landscape. A professional landscape contractor can help you as you decide which changes would have the most impact.


Over time sidewalks can develop cracks and shifts in the materials. Not only can this be dangerous to you and your visitors, but it will get continually worse as time goes on. Resurfacing the sidewalks of your with landscape paving stones may be a possibility for bringing new life to the main entryway of your home. With stones of various geometric, irregular, and cobblestone finishes, and virtually every color imaginable, a fresh sidewalk edged with a contrasting border can completely change the visual look of your property.

Steps and Stoops

Winter weather can wreak havoc on steps, with water seeping into cracks and causing separation and shifting. If this has happened to your home, it may be time to correct problems that will never improve on their own. Continuing the paving stones and border from the newly improved sidewalk onto steps and stoops can bring beautiful continuity to the overall look of your entryway.

Sometimes homeowners become accustomed to areas where they need steps but lack the vision for creating a seamless transition from driveway to walkway. A landscape specialist is skilled at listening to your needs and providing a solution that meets your desires and budget.


Just as the sidewalk can crack and shift, so can the driveway. Because a driveway is one of the most noticeable aspects of a home, it can be either an eyesore or an inviting entrance. A professional landscape architect can recommend the perfect driveway pavers to complement the exterior of your Bethpage, NY, home. This can be a dramatic way to up the curb appeal with a fresh update of driveway paving materials.

Landscape Lighting

Adding to or improving existing landscape lighting can bring a special nighttime feel to your landscape. Everyone notices the homes that have gorgeous up-lights highlighting a focal tree or several. Low-level lighting along the driveway and sidewalk makes an inviting entrance for our guests, and provides a measure of safety for arriving after dark. You might wish to spotlight a wall with a large flowering trellis or a water feature. Landscape lighting can bring immediate results to the charm of your yard.

Front entrances, including driveways, are often overlooked as part of a landscape design project, but the team at Above All Masonry Design understands that all aspects of your home deserve the finest design and craftsmanship.


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