May 21, 2019

Include One of These Stunning Water Features for Your Hicksville, NY, Swimming Pool Design

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For a new swimming pool, you likely want an updated design that will last your lifetime. Water features are the latest trend for new swimming pools, adding style and interest to what used to be a cookie-cutter home amenity. A water feature is a perfect addition to your pool and speaks to your personal style. Here are a few stunning water features you can use to liven up your Hicksville, NY, pool design:

Scuppers and Bowls

The latest in modern design, scuppers and spouts offer cool accents to your swimming pool. These metal fixtures are installed on the side of your pool and spit water into it to create the sound of running water and an interesting decoration. Scuppers can be bronze, gold, silver, antiqued, polished, or just about any style you can think of off the top of your head. Wide-mouthed scuppers create a soft, cascading sheet of water that flows elegantly into your pool for a beautiful effect. An ornate twist on the scupper is a water bowl, which is usually positioned on a post in or on the perimeter of your pool. A pump brings water into the bowl from the pool, and spits it back in via scuppers on the edge of the bowl. Choose from a modern style, sleek and minimalist, or choose a style that’s reminiscent of nautical Americana with sharp lines and a vintage finish.

Water Fountains

Fountains are the classic water feature, with some of the oldest architectural designs featuring them. Fountains instantly signify elegance, so if you want to make your space look more formal and give it a graceful ambiance, a fountain is a great addition. Typically fountains have pumps that shoot water into the air, either in a straight line, as a spray, a rounded shape, or any other number of designs. Choose a fountain that has classic shapes and designs, like cherubim, garden animals, or scrolled elements. Your fountain can shoot water into your swimming pool or back into itself. You could also have one grand fountain feature, multiple smaller features throughout the length of your pool, or both! It all depends on your personal style and the design of your landscape. Modern fountains can give you the same shape in the water with a modern fixture, like one made of stainless steel.


When homeowners think of their options for beautiful water features, waterfalls are definitely one of the first to come to mind. A waterfalls is a beautiful addition anywhere on your landscape, but a swimming pool is the perfect place for one. It can seamlessly be integrated into your pool design, and waterfalls are available in any style you need. Choose a classic, natural-looking waterfall with a rocky base that lets a steady stream of water flow into your pool. This is perfect for rustic designs that integrate the look of the surrounding natural landscape. If you prefer a modern look, there are minimalist fixtures that are almost unnoticeable and let the water be the star of the show. No matter what kind of design you need to match, a waterfall would be a great addition that will be appreciated even by your land-loving guests.


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