April 26, 2020

Incorporate Natural Stone and Greenery Around Your Swimming Pool in East Northport, NY

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Natural stone masonry can completely change the appearance of your East Northport, NY, pool area. When you add strategic greenery to enhance the masonry additions, your swimming pool can take on an entirely different aesthetic.

Natural Stone Masonry

Integrated Pool Waterfall: When you want to take the looks of your swimming pool up a notch, a waterfall that spills into the pool can be the feature you need. Adding a low stone retaining wall to one side of your swimming pool can allow for a series of waterfalls that spill directly into the pool. Not only are they fun to swim under and let the water fall over you but light them at night and they can become a focal point of your pool landscape.

Patios: If your pool deck is not wide enough for a table and chairs or there is no place to add comfortable lounge chairs, remedy the lack of space with a gorgeous and durable stone masonry patio adjoining the pool deck. Expanding the usable space in such a way that you can enjoy an outdoor dinner before an evening swim can be a way for your family to spend some quality time together.

Stone Columns and Fencing: Most every pool is required to have protective fencing surrounding the pool for safety reasons but make it special with stone masonry columns. You can opt for wooden rails between or for wrought iron but either way, this is a classic way to bring elegance and visual weight to your pool landscape.

Spa or Hot Tub: A free standing hot tub can be just the thing after a long day of yardwork or playing tennis to ease your aching muscles. When you place a hot tub on an elevated stone masonry base, there is room for entering and exiting the hot tub without difficulty.

Add a spa with decorative tiles and stone decking to adjoin your pool and you will have a relaxing spot to end the day. Custom built with adjustable jets to relax sore backs and limbs, a spa can give you the feeling that you are at a resort with special amenities.

Landscaping Your Pool Area

Adding carefully selected plants and trees to your swimming pool area can be the boost that outdoor space needs to feel finished and polished.

Trees: Trees can serve many purposes such as increasing privacy, providing shade, and drawing the eye to a particular part of the yard. A skilled stone mason can recommend the perfect trees to complement the new masonry features so that they can look much more mature and beautiful. From flowering trees to fruit trees to trees that can provide privacy, a landscape specialist can advise on the best types for your yard.

Shrubs: Many border plants and those that look amazing in raised beds can be shrubs—both flowering and evergreen. These plants bring a middle height to the landscape to form a bridge between the trees and flowers. Well-chosen shrubs return year after year to make your landscape eye-catching.

Flowers: Flowers can be the icing on the cake of your new East Northport, NY, pool area. A new stone masonry patio can be the most beautiful outdoor space in your yard when planted with a riot of colorful flowers.


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