September 22, 2019

Incorporating Interior Masonry in Your Massapequa, NY, Master Bath

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If you love the look of an exposed brick or stone wall, have you ever thought about incorporating interior masonry in your Massapequa, NY, master bath? Masonry could be the key feature you need to elevate the look of your bathroom.

Backsplash in the Bathroom

Using masonry for the backsplash in your master bath can be a perfect touch to give this space a distinctive quality. If you love a rustic look, consider traditional brick to protect the walls above the sinks. Or, if you have a more urban design for your home, bricks and stones for a fresh backsplash come in a wide variety of colors and shapes to maintain that contemporary look you love. The backsplash doesn’t only have to be limited to behind the sink. You can use masonry on the entire wall to set off the sink area.

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Fireplace in the Bathroom

If you are ready to think outside the box, consider adding a fireplace to your master bathroom. Not only will it bring a warmth to this area of your home, but imagine taking a leisurely bath while the fire crackles nearby. This would be the height of relaxation.

A fireplace is a special addition to a master bath, especially if there is a wall that is unused and could be converted. Cover the façade with your favorite stone, and extend it along the entire wall. You now have a delightful fireplace and fresh, unique texture for your bathroom wall.

Masonry for the Tub Area

Many bathrooms today have both a soaking tub area along with a shower area. The tub wall is an excellent spot for masonry to elevate the look. There is no need to worry if a window is part of the wall. Masonry can frame the window to maintain your view of the outdoors. Any masonry wall is a focal point, but one built behind the soaking tub could make your tub stand out as a truly special nook in the master bathroom.

Masonry for the Master Bath Floor

While masonry can be an obvious choice for a floor, a skilled mason can incorporate a special design or pattern for your master bath to give your floor a unique look. Many bathrooms that are all white or another neutral color can look entirely different when complemented by an exceptional masonry floor. The beauty of masonry is that water won’t ruin the floor like it could with wood, so you don’t have to stress when water spills—you just wipe it up!

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How to Find a Master Mason

When searching for a mason to bring a new aesthetic to your Massapequa, NY, master bathroom, you want a company with a proven track record for quality, artisan craftsmanship. With a masonry design company like that, you can rest assured that you will have a collaborative relationship—from initial design to complete installation.

Real estate agents will commonly tell you that bathroom improvements are an investment that pays you back when you decide to sell your home. It can be one of the biggest draws for a buyer. Interior masonry for your Massapequa, NY, master bathroom is certainly included in the increased appeal for a home. But you can just decide to add masonry for your own pleasure and delight, too!


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