September 11, 2017

Introduce Natural Stone Features into your Landscape to Correct these Design Flaws

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Natural stone adds character and definition to your landscape in Hauppauge, NY. If you’ve suffered from poor landscaping in the past, natural stone can be used strategically to correct and conceal common design flaws. Natural stone fits the look of most homes and works well for both formal and informal landscape designs. Besides, natural stone offers unlimited possibilities in landscape features – it can be used to frame a pond, line walkways and patios, build retaining walls, façade an outdoor fireplace, and create welcoming outdoor living spaces.

Stone Benches for Adding Rest Areas

One common landscaping design flaw is the lack of sitting areas in which to enjoy the scenery. Without comfortable seating distributed throughout the yard, you may be limited to enjoying your landscape from a distance. Stone benches or permanent seating walls make for relaxing places to rest the feet and take in the natural surroundings of your yard. Compared to wooden benches, natural stone alternatives are durable and can last for centuries. They come in a wide variety of styles and can be customized to suit any landscape environment.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls to Correct Slopes, Reclaim Space and Reduce Erosion

Natural stone retaining walls enhance the look of your Hauppauge landscape while adding visual structure and physical support for sloping yards. Natural stone retaining walls serve as focal features that enrich the aesthetics of your outdoor living space. There is a variety of natural stone in different forms that are ideal for producing attractive, yet functional retaining walls. With their addition, you can carve spaces out from sloping ground, prevent your landscape from being washed away every time it rains, and create a more structured yard.

Pebbles for Visual Interest and a More Natural Aesthetic

If you are aiming to add more visual interest to barren areas of your yard, adding pebbles or decorative gravel is a great way to do this. Pebbles or decorative gravel provide a dramatic look and add great appeal to your landscape and other landscaping projects. They can be used to create artistic pathways and create beautiful improvements to your landscape by filling in spaces in plant beds, marshy areas, or other places where plants won’t grow.

Stone Features to Create Focal Points

Stone features such as fire pits, fireplaces, water features, rockeries, or boulder arrangements can help to create focal points in your landscape. These characterful points draw the eye and give the landscape design a sense of visual interest and cohesion. In the case of fire features, these focal points also serve to draw guests into the landscape and form social gathering points for better entertaining.

Stone Fountains or Water Features for Lack of Ambience

Stone fountains provide a perfect touch to any landscape. The sound of flowing water creates a relaxing oasis in your landscape that can drown out the sound of the noisy neighbors or neighborhood traffic. The endless design options ensure that there is a design that fits any landscape. These features are also completely customizable to ensure that they match your preferences and the design style of your home.


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