June 29, 2018

Landscape Architecture Ideas for Creating a Flexible Outdoor Space in Smithtown, NY

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Many Smithtown, NY, homeowners embrace flexible, innovative outdoor design. With the help of cutting-edge technology and design, any outdoor living space, regardless of how big or small, can be transformed into a comfortable retreat that provides intelligent use of the space. Here are some interesting landscape architecture ideas for creating an outdoor living area that is flexible in terms of use and function:

Shelter for Cooler and Warmer Days

One of the most frustrating things about outdoor living is the variability of the weather. Keeping the space as open as possible during the summer, while keeping retractable shade options near at hand, is a great idea. This keeps the outdoor room fresh and airy, providing both sun and shade on demand. This flexible solution depends heavily on the size, style, and layout of your outdoor spaces, but by creating a separate area on an elevated terrace, accessible via an elegant set of steps and covered with an awning or pergola, you get a new outdoor room and greater privacy from the neighboring houses, as well as a place to enjoy sun, shade and shelter.

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Maximizing flow

A sophisticated family home has enough space for both large and small gatherings. One way in which to maximize the amount of space you have is by creating an open flow between the home and the yard. A sliding door as the only barrier between the outdoor living area and the interior of the home allows for greater visual flow between the indoors and the outdoors. This also allows for the convenience of an outdoor kitchen area placed closely to the indoor kitchen. To enhance the seamless flow between indoors and out, and to make better use of available space, consider a minimalist design with natural stone counters and contemporary style pavers for the flooring.

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Add a Fire Pit or a Fireplace

You can get more use out of your outdoor living area by adding a fire source to your patio. A fire pit or fireplace is a source of warmth that draws people together. Fire features are among the most captivating focal points, and will make your outdoor space usable all year-round.

Incorporate Built-in Seating

Built-in seating will not only save backyard space, but will save you from having to position different pieces of furniture around the fire pit area every time you entertain. Built-in seating can be incorporated as part of a retaining wall that encloses a fire pit, or as part of a fireplace design. The edges of a partially raised pool may also serve as convenient permanent seating. By using a stylish (but comfortable) coping option, the seating wall will be able to blend into your hardscape design. Add some extra cushions for comfort and colorful accents. As well as serving as a primary source of seating, built-in seating allows homeowners to make better use of their patio space and keep the area less cluttered and more organized. Another perk of permanent seating is the extra storage space it can provide. If you need a place to keep tools, or extra wood for your fire feature, seating walls can be built to accommodate this.

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