November 6, 2020

Landscape Design Ideas and Landscape Lighting Techniques for Minimalist Backyards on Long Island NY

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If the time has come to add landscape lighting to your Long Island, NY, property but you don’t want to go overboard, keep the addition of lighting elegant and minimal with these ideas. Pairing a landscape design with special landscape lighting can elevate your outdoor space to bring beautiful results.

Assess Your Landscape

One of the first and most important things that you can do is to look at your landscape as the sun sets. This can help you determine which spaces are on your priority list for illumination. Some homeowners like to start with the front yard and then move to the back while others want some lighting in the front and back yards right off the bat. Your landscape specialist can be a great assistance as you target the spaces you want to add lighting for more nighttime drama.

Spaces for Landscape Lighting

Some specific spaces can benefit from landscape lighting because it can increase the amount of time you spend outdoors, make a space more appealing once the sun sets, or increase the safety of your landscape as you mover about after dark.


The patio can function in so many ways—as the hosting space for a cocktail party, a birthday party bonanza, and a quiet space for coffee in the morning. When you pair a gorgeous stone patio with the right landscape lighting, it can become the workhouse of your landscape.

Because there are so many stone options from an array of color tones, textures, and shapes to laying patterns, you can create a one-of-a-kind patio. Your landscape team can suggest several combinations to complement your exterior paint colors and architectural style for a dazzling patio space.

There are many ways you can illuminate a patio and you can choose what works best for your aesthetic. You might love the idea of twinkle lights strung overhead along with low level recessed lighting at the edge of the patio for an understated appearance. Keeping your sconces on a dimmer can allow you to change the patio lighting from task oriented to something more subtle and intimate.


Illuminating your walkways with low level lighting that is undiscernible to the eye but casts a gentle glow on the sidewalk can make your landscape look so beautiful after dark as well as keep your guests safe as they move from their car to your entry. The light can bring out the subtle textures of the walkway surface to add shadows and light there.

Your landscape expert can correct any shifted sections or crumbling edges of your walkways while installing lighting. In this way you can highlight the lovely stone surface while also focusing some light on interesting plants alongside the walkway. The mixture of shadows and light can make your walkways look just right at night.

Other spaces that can be transformed with a fresh design and accompanying lighting can be a front entryway where columns that you love can be put on display after the sun sets or a pool space where you want to swim at night.

A landscape team has the landscape design ideas to combine with lighting so that your Long Island, NY, backyard and property will be tastefully lighted with a subtle but perfect shine.


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