May 22, 2020

Landscape Design Ideas for a Fun-Filled Summer in Massapequa, NY

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As the summer approaches and the kids will need something to do, outdoor activities are probably at the top of the list. These Massapequa, NY, landscape design ideas for a fun-filled summer can help to keep them entertained.

Interactive Fountain

Kids of all ages delight to run through the public fountains found in many downtown areas so why not install one of your own in the backyard?

A skilled masonry and landscape design company has the durable, long-wearing paving stones to provide a non-slip surface for running and playing along the edges of the fountain and they have the experience to design the ideal fountain for your landscape. Everyone, young and old, loves to run and play in a fountain and this can be a perfect summer fun activity for the whole family.

Swimming Pool

While a swimming pool might seem obvious, there are additions you can make to an already existing pool to make it more kid-engaging. Adding a waterfall feature to your swimming pool can make the game of Marco Polo that much more fun while a swirling slide that spills the kids right into the water is always a hit for multiple ages.

Incorporating a platform for jumping and diving in the center of the pool can bring a delightful day and then at night it can transform into a space to watch outdoor movies on a makeshift screen.

If you don’t have a swimming pool, there is a pool for any size yard. If you would love a pool for swimming laps, consider a long rectangular pool that can also double as a fun space for the kids, too. A skilled landscape and masonry contractor can create a freeform pool that is contoured to your exact outdoor space.

Fire Feature

Imagine how wonderful it would be to light a fire and relax outside on a gorgeous summer evening, watching the kids run and play in the yard and sipping a delicious drink. Fire features can be as simple as a fire pit in the backyard or more elaborate such as a fire place in an outdoor living room.

With durable, color-fast stones in an array of shapes, sizes and textures, there is a stone to complement your landscape aesthetic. If you loved camping as a kid, bring that experience to your backyard any time you wish with roasted marshmallows and the fixings for smores.

If you think a fire place might be more of what you have in mind, this fire feature can be added to an existing patio or incorporated into an entirely new outdoor space.

When you are searching for a landscaper to suggest ideas for a fun-filled landscape for the entire family, look for the one who places the emphasis on creating a plan that works for your unique property. It can also be quite helpful to have a team who can help with materials selection to get your space just right, too.

Through a collaborative relationship from start to finish, a talented landscape and masonry team will communicate with you personally as your Massapequa, NY, project progresses, giving you confidence through every step that what you envision is what they will build. Then when summer rolls around, all you have to do is enjoy your new fun-filled outdoor space with your family.


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