January 3, 2020

Landscape Design Ideas for Bethpage, NY, Homes, Inspired by Mediterranean Locations

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If you love a Mediterranean style look and want that for your Bethpage, NY, landscape, talented landscape designers can incorporate your favorite features into a plan for your property. Here are some landscape design ideas to consider as you choose the elements that you want in your own outdoor living space.

Tiered Fountains

Lovely tiered fountains can bring both a romantic and calming feel to your outdoor Mediterranean-inspired landscape. Frequently made of components that have been designed to look very old, a tiered fountain can have several levels of spilling water to bring the sounds of peaceful trickling into the mix. Not only does a tiered fountain bring the sight and sounds of water but it can function as a primary focal point of the landscape.


One of the distinctive traits of the Mediterranean style is the use of decorative and colorful tiles. Terra cotta tiles can be used on the roof of an outdoor kitchen or covered fireplace area while colorful porcelain tiles in various designs can be part of a swimming pool or nestled underneath steps to bring additional interest. Or the look of your swimming pool could include Mediterranean-inspired decorative accents. Tiles can also be incorporated into the banding of a walkway, to bring distinction to the floor of an outdoor room, or for a unique design on an outdoor bar.


The naturally rustic look of stone can also grace portions of the house such as a wing to set it off from the rest of the exterior, or natural stone can come in the form of weighty columns that define an entry. Stone can be used in the form a retaining wall and is often echoed in another part of the landscape design like the eating area of an outdoor kitchen.

Natural Wood 

Natural rustic wood can come in the form of beams for the outdoor kitchen roof or in the form of a pergola that provides a comfortable spot to read a favorite book. This type of wood can also be used as supports for an outdoor room instead of columns.

Drought Tolerant Plants

Free form grape vines and herbs such as sage and lavender can define a Mediterranean-inspired landscape, bringing both color and sweet smells from the herbs. Ornamental grasses come in various colors and can be dotted throughout the property to add movement and sound when the breeze blows through. Using this type of planting strategy should yield an overall sustainable garden without the need for constant watering. In addition, many of the plants could be choices that can be used for cooking.


There are many pathways within the Mediterranean landscape and they are all defined by small gravel or decomposed granite as the base of the walkway.

Let a Professional Help

Trained landscape design specialists can listen to your desires for a Mediterranean inspired yard and transform them into reality. They know that every landscape is unique to its owners and that no two should be just alike. From a simple walkway that welcomes you home, to your dream patio where you’ll entertain friends on special occasions and lazy summer nights, every project is a collaborative one.


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