October 17, 2020

Landscape Design Ideas for Keeping Patios Warm in the Late Fall in Hauppauge and East Northport NY Areas

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When you are just not ready to give up your time outdoors because of the chilly air, that could be when you need to add some heat to your patio. These landscape design ideas for keeping warm in the late fall can allow you to use your Hauppauge and East Northport, NY, area patio longer in the year.

Add a Cover

You might be surprised how much increased warmth can come from adding a cover to your patio space. Whether you decide on a full roof covering that connects to your home or a pergola type covering, adding a ceiling can help to hold in heat and create a wind break to protect you from strong winds. Not only can the roof make the patio warmer but it can also block the hot summer rays that can make your outdoor space uncomfortable, too.

Bring Some Fire

A fire feature such as a fire pit or fireplace can add another layer of warmth to your patio area. A fire pit can fit most any sized patio and landscape, bringing ambient light and the warm feelings that fire provides. Constructed of natural stone or paving stones, a fire pit can be designed to complement your architecture and home style. With a wide array of stone sizes and color choices, a fire pit can be recessed into the floor or elevated for an additional seating space.

A fire place has the unique ability to draw people out and toward the fire that beckons. Built of bricks, stone, or a combination of materials, a fire place delivers a visual weight and increases the interest of your patio space in a one-of-a-kind way. Because most any fire feature can be operated at the touch of a button, you can have a fire at any time.

Patio Heater

If a fire feature is not in your future, then consider installing a patio heater which can be an excellent alternative. While you should plan to follow the protocol for patio heaters, they can provide quite a bit of warmth on a chilly evening. They can cover a broad area of the patio and can be adjusted to maximum personal comfort. An added advantage is that you can move the heater to the location where it provides the most heat.

Blankets and Throws 

When you have comfortable outdoor furniture, adding extra blankets can always be a great idea as friends and family will love to snuggle up under the additional warmth in a cozy chair or couch. Keeping them stowed away in a pretty cabinet can make them accessible but keep your patio from looking haphazard, too.

An experienced masonry and outdoor living specialist can customize your outdoor patio space to be a warm, inviting place to spend time in the late fall. Whether you are only seeking to add a source of physical heat to your patio or you want a refreshed or expanded patio of stone flooring that ties into a fire pit or fireplace, a skilled landscape professional bring that to life.

When you are able to head out to your Hauppauge and East Northport, NY, area patio and light the fire at the touch of a button or snuggle up with a patio heater, you won’t miss the indoors at all.


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