December 7, 2019

Landscape Design Ideas for Naturalistic Backyards with a Refined Touch in Massapequa, NY

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If your backyard isn’t perfect for entertaining and areas of it seem unconnected, perhaps it is time for a fresh landscape design for your Massapequa, NY, outdoor living space. Refining the landscape to meet your needs while improving the overall appearance can make your backyard feel unified.

What Is a Naturalistic Landscape?

In the naturalistic landscape, plants are chosen for their sustainability and native properties. Plants that must be meticulously cared for do not belong. Neither do plants that are not hardy to the Massapequa, NY, climate. In addition, landscape beds are constructed to follow the natural lines of the property. The ultimate goal of the naturalistic landscape can often be to promote biodiversity, reduce water consumption, and the natural reproduction of plants.

Plants for a Naturalistic Backyard

Flowering trees such as stewartia and dogwood are trees that thrive in the Massapequa landscape—they have good resistance to disease and can look great in the landscape for all four seasons.

Holly bushes of many varieties and beautyberry grow well in the climate and terrain, while ferns can fill in the shady areas of the landscape. Butterfly weed, goldenrod, and yarrow love the soil makeup and the climate.

Refining the Naturalistic Backyard 

There are several ways to refine your backyard so that the entire space is connected and easily accessed.

  • Patio: The patio establishes the space that can allow you to relax and enjoy your delightful backyard. With comfortable furniture or a table for dining outdoors spontaneously, a stone or brick patio can be the first connection to your naturalistic landscape.

  • Walkways: You may find that it is critical to connect the different spaces of your backyard with walkways that help to provide navigation and structure. Pretty walkways of stepping stones or cobblestone pavers with low level lighting can give you the opportunity to enjoy your backyard in the daytime and at nighttime. Making the walkways wide enough to accommodate two or three people walking side by side can allow for chatting while walking to a sitting area or for comfortably carrying a tray of drinks without danger of running into bushes along the way.

  • Landscape beds: Your landscape professionals can advise you on the best native plants to bring year-round beauty to your backyard without requiring an excessive amount of care or watering needs. Choosing small, smooth rocks or landscape pebbles instead of mulch or pine needles can contribute to the sustainability of your yard. Selecting the plants that thrive in the Massapequa climate is a specialty of your local outdoor living and masonry design service, and they can design a landscape beds that bring out the best qualities of those plants.

  • Landscape lighting: Strategic landscape lighting can draw your attention to the portions of the yard that might not stand out during the daylight hours but shine once the sun goes down. This can be anything from a pretty water wall or a specialty tree to a warm fire.


Your Landscape Redefined

Every property’s landscaping needs are just as unique as the family that calls it home. Choosing just the right trees, flowers, and shrubs for your home’s landscape design is the key to ensuring both your plants and your family enjoy many years of thriving growth in your outdoor spaces!


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