April 22, 2016

Landscape Lighting 101

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Outdoor lighting adds a unique glow to the property in a way that traditional landscaping lacks. When used together, you can enjoy a beautifully landscaped home both day and night. From outdoor barbeques to relaxing in your own backyard paradise, incorporating the right lighting ensures results that can be rewarding on many levels for your Long Island home.

Consider Safety First

Safety should always be the first thing that is considered when incorporating lighting into your landscaping plans. It is a misconception of many homeowners that when lights are installed the area is a safer place to be. Not all outdoor landscape lighting casts the glow designed to prevent tripping and injuries from occurring. In fact, with the wrong lighting in an area, shadows which occur can actually cause negative results to be encountered. Landscape lighting should be placed in a way that it does not become blocked by surrounding shrubbery, trees, or raised platforms. Decorative motion detectors placed around the home will improve the view captured by security cameras and safety monitoring systems installed.

Determine the Atmosphere Desired

Many homeowners incorporate landscaping around their home to create a unique look and feel. Landscape lighting offers the perfect way to accomplish this endeavor. From recessed paver lights to Victorian style post lights, there is no reason to recreate the exact look of your neighbor’s home that can be seen as you are driving down your street. When an intimate and tranquil setting is anticipated, professional lighting contractors can provide you with amazing soft lights to cast a serene glow around the property. Wrap dainty strings of lights around trees and or patio surroundings. If entertaining is more your style, tack LED lights under outdoor bars to keep the party going all night long. There is truly no limit for the many types of atmospheres outdoor lighting can create.

Take Advantage of Unique Designs

Think outside of the box when determining outdoor landscape lighting plans. Fanned lighting fixtures will have the exterior of your home dancing with details galore. These lighting fixtures are installed on the home and direct light in a unique way that intricate patterns are created when the sun goes down. Install lights in brick and cobblestone walls and pillars around the home to create a sophisticated look. Create a magical environment in gardens and along pathways with character or color light fixtures which can be hung from trees or placed closer to the ground. Only an experienced landscape lighting contractor can provide a full range of options that exist for outdoor lighting fixtures, as the options are constantly changing and the choices are limitless.

Educate Yourself on Maintenance

Regardless of the landscape lighting combinations that you choose, every homeowner should take the time to gather maintenance information from their landscaping contractor. Some lighting fixtures should be removed and stored to prevent damage during our cold Long Island weather seasons. However, this is not normal and most outdoor lighting fixtures can be utilized throughout the year. Make sure you know if bulbs must be changed and which models of bulbs will provide the intended results your landscape lighting was installed to deliver. With the right outdoor lighting fixtures in place, you are sure to enjoy your home to its fullest.


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