April 1, 2020

Landscape Lighting Ideas for a Glamorous Backyard in Glen Cove, NY


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When the sun sets, you don’t want the beauty of your yard to fade with the darkness. Consider these landscape lighting ideas to bring out the glamour of your nighttime Glen Cove, NY, property.

Light the Perimeter

Many backyards are fenced either with traditional fencing or living fencing for security and definition. When you choose soft wash lights that shine a subtle glow onto the way your backyard is defined, it can create a softly lit ambiance that makes moving about your backyard so nice.

Light the Trees

Installing lights at the base of the large trees within your backyard can create illumination that shines upward and into the trees once the sun has set, further defining the specific parts of your landscape that give it beauty and weight.

To achieve a dappled moonlit effect, you can choose lights that are scattered within the branches of the trees to make it seem as if the moonlight is strong enough to filter through the trees on any night. This can create a special feeling of glamour and drama within the natural features of your backyard.

Light the Patio 

At times when building a house, the exterior lighting can take a back seat to the more demanding parts of construction planning. Correct this oversight by replacing existing sconces in the patio area with more substantial light fixtures that can reflect more of your own personal style. A landscape specialist can help you decide where to place additional sconce lighting to improve the nighttime appearance of a patio area so that you can enjoy this space for as long as you wish.

If your patio has a covering such as a roof or another fixed covering, consider adding a pretty glass chandelier or a romantic whitewashed fixture that is suspended from the ceiling of the patio to up the drama. When you have this type of fixture installed with a dimming feature, you can turn down the lights for an intimate dinner or keep it bright for family game night outdoors.

Add the Twinkle

While twinkly lights can make your backyard feel more whimsical and delightful, most of the time they are just plain fun! String them across the patio and throughout the trees to add the fun factor to your backyard. Twinkle lights today can be fully automatic so that you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off at any specific time of day.

Add the Natural Light

Nothing adds a glamorous wow factor light natural fire light, and this is what a gorgeous fire feature can bring to your backyard. Constructed to adjoin an existing patio or built to stand alone as a focal point in the landscape, a fire feature such as an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can bring a warm, flickering light to your property after the sun sets.

Think of how delightful it would be to snuggle up by the fire on a cool evening to enjoy the warmth and light that a fire can bring.

An experienced landscape team can help you choose the lighting for your Glen Cove, NY, backyard. From outdoor hanging lights to brass outdoor lights to LED lighting for landscape beds, they have the expertise you need to transition your landscape from daytime beauty to nighttime glamour.


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