October 15, 2017

Landscape Lighting Ideas for your Winter Patio in Commack

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One of the best ways to boost the curb appeal and showcase your Commack, NY, residence is by installing proper lighting. Regardless of whether you are trying to impress visitors or potential buyers, instant illumination will help you transform the look of your patio to one that is unique and exciting. Here are some ideas to achieve a luxurious winter look for your patio:

Outdoor String Lights

Winter changes the look of outdoor spaces by layering your property in muted colors. Adding string lights in different locations on your patio will not only create a relaxed, stylish look but also give the space a vibrant mood. Strings lights are extremely versatile and suit any patio design, from contemporary to traditional and rustic. They feature plenty of practical designs, like the popular bare bulbs that don’t require wire concealment.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are an option for covered patios. These ceiling lights come in different sizes and materials and tend to resemble indoor design styles. Pendant lights work great on taller ceilings above furnished areas, helping to draw attention to the arrangement. With these types of lights, you can create a tranquil ambiance with a warm glow or a more formal atmosphere.

Accent Lights

A great way to accent certain areas of your patio is by using lanterns. Many homeowners pick lanterns over lamps for their patio because they tend to add warmth and enhance the beauty of the patio in a subtle, romantic way. A lantern also serves as a functional decorating piece that you can hang, group, or set on the ground.

Track Lights and Wall Light Fixtures

Outdoor track lighting is a popular choice for illuminating patios because of its ability to create a safe and impressive environment. It is important to have a proper lighting plan that will produce a well-lit patio, one that will blend with the surrounding illuminated landscape elements. The ideal option is a multi-layered lighting plan that creates a balance between functional and fine, decorative light features. Outdoor track lighting is highly customizable, adjustable to furniture and plantings, and relatively quick to install. With track lighting, you can illuminate the entire patio but still create a subtle, cozy environment, perfect for winter months.

Patio wall light fixtures provide the best of both worlds: a bright area, and stylish decorative light fixtures. These types of fixtures make a great additional lighting source and offer the most versatile design options from traditional glass and rubbed-bronze fixtures to stainless steel industrial models.

Modern Lamps

Modern outdoor lamps have the power to draw attention to your patio and highlight its steps, paving stone or wood. Modern LED floor lamps come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and work amazingly well for highlighting hidden details and specific parts of the patio. Most come with a waterproof, grounded cord and plug as well as waterproof shade for rainy days.

As with most lamps, outdoor lamps have weighted bottoms that keeps them in place. When it comes to their location, lamps are adjustable and can be placed anywhere on the patio, but it’s a good idea to keep them close to the winter greenery surrounding the area. Oversized floor lamps can light an entire seating area, so make sure to balance that illumination with the other types of lighting.


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