January 23, 2020

Landscape Lighting Tips for Improving Visibility and Ensuring Your Safety in Melville, NY

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While landscape lighting certainly can add to the beauty of your Melville, NY, home and property after dark, it can also be pivotal in the safety you feel when you arrive home at night. Consider these landscape lighting tips for improving the visibility and safety of your home and surroundings.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Security and safety: Lighting in the landscape can draw the eye and attention to your outdoor space when the sun has set, while darkness can hide things you want to see. A dark home can be an easier target than one that is well-lit under the presumption that it is unattended or easy to walk along the perimeter of the home to see what’s going on inside. The ease of lurking in the shadows and dark corners can attract burglars.

A home and landscape that have strategic and aesthetic outdoor lighting can deter thieves, potentially causing them to pass an illuminated home and opt for a less conspicuous property. In addition, the lighting that brightens the landscape can also make the walkways and parking areas safer and more visible for friends and family who visit after dark. It reduces the risk of tripping and falling over cracks or shifted surfaces and can give you the confidence to move about your outdoor spaces after the sun sets.

Visual beauty: Your landscape doesn’t have to be beautiful only during the daytime, but it can dazzle at night, too. Thoughtful lighting can focus the attention on a majestic tree that you love, architectural brackets that adorn the eaves, and a new and improved entryway that needs front-and-center attention. Not only that but lighting can allow you to see into the dark corners of your home and remove the apprehension you might have when moving from the parking area to the door when there is not enough light to illuminate every step.

When homebuyers are searching for just the right home, yours can stand out no matter when it is shown, whether day or night. Driving up to a home and landscape that has gorgeous lighting can be the “wow” factor that your home needs to be clearly different from the other locations.

Ways to Light the Landscape

Entryway: You want your visitors to be able to locate the entryway with ease, and targeted lighting can do just that. Illuminate the landscape beds around the entrance to your home, and make sure that you have enough lighting to bring them right to the door.

Water features: A gurgling pond or a water wall can serve as the drama of your nighttime landscape. Illuminating the moving water can be truly special as it combines with the delightful sounds of spilling water.

A special tree: You could have a very unusual or quite old and large tree that needs to stand out at night. Taking on a completely different look under the nighttime lighting can be just what you need to give your landscape sharp focus.

Landscape lighting can be treated as an afterthought, but the truth is that it can elevate your outdoor spaces to bring more functionality and enjoyment of your Melville, NY, yard.


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