January 30, 2018

Landscape Lighting Trends for 2018 in Bethpage

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Giving your Bethpage, NY, landscape a makeover can sometimes be as simple as upgrading your lighting solution. Effective lighting has the potential to make a landscape beautiful, functional, and safe. In 2018, we’re set to see a departure from traditional lighting solutions to newer trends in landscape lighting.


We start with the biggest change in the lighting industry which has been gaining traction throughout 2017: a shift to LED lighting solutions. Rapidly replacing halogen and incandescent lights, modern LED lights offer the same power and brightness with a fraction of the electricity consumption and maintenance costs. Moreover, modern LEDs have lost the cold blue hue that made many people averse to them, and are now available in all manner of colors and fixtures to light up your yard. Choosing the right solution in terms of power rating and wiring complexity can be a challenge, which is where a professional landscape contractor can prove invaluable.

Solar lighting

With more energy efficient LED lighting, we are also seeing an increasing trend towards solar lighting replacing the traditional wired landscape lighting solution. Using a solar panel and on-board battery to store energy, solar powered lights offer the convenience of avoiding routing wiring across your landscape. Moreover, they are now offered in a wide variety of power ratings and fixtures so you can easily find the ideal aesthetic, brightness, and color that suits your landscape design. However, with larger, high-powered solar lights, the correct placement of solar panels is essential. Consider consulting a landscape contractor or electrician well-versed in green lighting solutions for optimal placement.

Lanterns, mason jars, and prominent fixtures

More traditional lighting fixtures are making a comeback in 2018 as more and more people are favoring lanterns and mason jars. Available in both modern and traditional flavours, finding a design that suits your landscape is easy. Moreover, solar powered variants of both types of lights are also available.

Another trend is a shift towards more prominent fixtures for your lights, in particular path lights and up-lights. Gone is the trend of choosing subtle earthy colored fixtures designed to match your landscape. Designers are now encouraged to choose fixtures that add to the design of a landscape. Brass and copper fixtures in particular are seeing an increase in popularity for their subtle yet distinctive patina.

Pendant lights

Highly popular throughout 2017, pendant lights continue to be a must-have for modern landscapes in the new year. Available in an increasing variety of fixtures that can be made to work in both modern and traditional landscape designs, pendant lights can be hung on porches, inside gazebos and pavilions, and even from trees. As with all hanging lights, consider employing the services of a trusted contractor such as Above All Masonry and Outdoor Living to have them installed securely and safely.

Floor lamps

Building on the trend of making your landscape an outdoor living space, floor lamps are trending as a great lighting solution, whether they are placed in your patio, outdoor kitchen, or pergola. Aiming to make your yard feel more homely and like an outdoor living room, floor lamps are an easy and practical way to light up your yard.


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