January 23, 2018

Landscape Remodeling Ideas for the New Year in Oyster Bay Cove

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Whether you’ve had the same old landscape design for decades, or you’re a new homeowner seeking to add a few personalized touches to your existing yard, these outdoor remodelling ideas will help you rejuvenate your Oyster Bay Cove, NY, landscape and boost its curb appeal.

Bold plantings

Creating a colorful and captivating landscape is easier than it seems, especially when you know how to manipulate plants. For example, try filling three square feet of your softscape with a single plant variety, nestled closely together and showcasing a vibrant color. Repeating this throughout your landscape, using different plants and different colors, will transform your landscape into an artist’s palette and will ensure a one-of-a-kind design. Non-flowering plants with interesting golden-green or red leaves are also excellent candidates for creating this visual effect. Intermittent bursts of intense color throughout the landscape will serve to keep it interesting and connected.

Create contrasts

Creating contrasts is not only one of the most basic landscaping ideas, but is also one of the most powerful. This can be achieved through carefully considered plantings, pairing rich burgundy flowers with bright chartreuse leaves, for example. Contrasts can also be created within one’s patio, scattering burnt orange accent pillows and throws around gray upholstered sofas and the monochrome limestone underfoot. If you feel that your patio lacks interest, select colors that contrast the permanent patio stone and incorporate them into your furnishings. This will enliven your outdoor area without pulling it apart.

Use a variety of materials

Incorporating a variety of materials into your landscape design leads to a cornucopia of interesting textures and colors that are wonderfully intriguing, if combined tastefully. Unique contrasts can be created by pairing rustic textures with smooth modern materials. For example, pairing distressed or whitewashed wood with copper or chrome can contribute towards creating a sleek, modern take on a bohemian theme. A flagstone driveway beside a crisp lawn, accented by beachy white pebbles, can also result in an interesting blend of aesthetic themes.

Light up the night

Landscape lighting is integral to ensuring your safety as you navigate your property after dark. However, it also bears major aesthetic potential and can make or break a landscape design. While seating areas always benefit from additional lighting, harsh bulbs or the use of too many fixtures can make you feel exposed when enjoying the evening air. Opt for fewer bulbs with low intensities, and place them in high places for a cozy, intimate atmosphere. When lighting the perimeters of a walkway, place a few lights at slightly different intervals to avoid the look of an airplane landing strip. If the fixtures are tall enough to be seen, choose them in slightly different designs that all subscribe to the same aesthetic theme. This will add interest and character to your walkways.

Create islands

Consider personalizing your pool or softscape by create cute and characterful islands. You could create a quaint bridge leading to an island in the center of the pool, adorned with comfortable recliners and a fun tiki bar. You could also incorporate a heightened flower bed into your softscape, forming a small island that instantly draws attention.


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