May 21, 2017

Make Your Patio More Comfortable with Outdoor Rooms

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The patio is a place of infinite possibility, and yet it is often under-utilized. Many Long Island, NY homeowners let it languish under a layer of dreary stone tile and a standalone fire pit, opting for an arbitrary outdoor space that, come nightfall, drives guests indoors towards the more socially inclined amenities. Simply designating outdoor rooms can go a long way to making your patio a truly exciting and comfortable space, however. Here’s how to take advantage of this understated but game-changing aspect of your landscape.

What Is An Outdoor Room?

In all its varieties, the outdoor room is a marriage of indoor comfort and open air relaxation. Generally, outdoor rooms are spaces in your landscape with specialized, separate purposes, easily accessible to one another, yet distinct. This creates a unique blend, offering the freshness of being in nature without sacrificing the notion of functional rooms or spaces.

Choosing Design & Function

When choosing functions and themes for your outdoor rooms, it’s important to ensure you opt for something that not only matches your home’s design aesthetically, but also your personal tastes and needs. These can vary, ranging anywhere from an outdoor reading nook for the family to a welcoming gathering point for guests.

A Secluded Roof Over Your Head

At any rate, an outdoor room does one thing universally well: it protects you from the elements. Long Island can be lousy with rain, but a roof over your head and an open view can turn what might be a dampening factor into the perfect opportunity for a lazy afternoon nap. Perhaps the most commonly considered option when designating outdoor rooms, a gazebo can be a truly delightful addition to your backyard. The perfect place for formal outdoor furniture sets and casual benches with throw pillows alike, the gazebo offers a secluded place of comfort, entertainment and rest.

Catering For All Seasons

While the gazebo is disconnected from the house itself, however, additional infrastructure would have to be put in place to prevent a walk through possibly unfortunate weather. Of course, there’s also the option to just extend your property’s roof over your patio and create a literal outdoor room, sans a few walls. While this too offers the chance to admire nature without getting caught up in its temperamental fickleness, it closes off your outdoor living areas to possible pleasant weather.

Instead, one might opt for a pergola. The pergola, which on its own is merely an overhead structure with four columns, is a game changer when utilized correctly. While it can act as a standalone object, much like the gazebo, it can also be attached to the home and made to accommodate both an open and a closed roof style. It is shaped in a way that really opens the room up to multiple possibilities and, when the weather is nice, a removable roofing option can turn it into the center of your cookout. Natural wood textures also lends itself to greenery and plant life, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.


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